My Bargain Buy: Hobbs Boots for £15!

Do you remember back in November when I told you I visited the Isle of Wight to see my family, and happened to stumble across a very interesting shop? Cameo of Cowes is a second-hand retailer with a difference – it sells lost property from places like sorting houses, cruise ships, railways stations and the like. I’m sure we’ve all experienced the misery of losing something at some point or another – allow karma to gift you back something special, because this little gem is packed full of plush gear at low prices, and it’s all just waiting for you to drop by and treat yourself! I managed to bag a Reiss cardi for £8, a pair of strappy L.K. Bennett black heels for £9, and these amazing, immaculate Hobbs ankle boots for £15!


As soon as I saw both pairs of shoes on the shelves (believe me, they jumped out right away) I felt that mix of elation and fear that all bargain hunters experience. First – the happiness of seeing something that looks perfect for you. Second – will they be in the right size? Will they be the right price? By a miracle, both shoes were my size (a clumpy 7… Sigh), and I’m sure you’ll agree, for that price, it would have been rude to have left them in the shop!

Hobbs boots top Hobbs boots detail

Hobbs boots inside

Has anyone had any amazingly bargainous purchased they’d like to share? I love hearing stories about great finds!

Lust List: little black shoes to go with your little black dress

You know I loves me some French Sole. I also love the new studded slipper trend. Put the two together, and you get these beauties! Black Henriettas 2Black dome studded leather Henriettas from French Sole! Oh my… Let’s look a little closer at these beautiful little studs!

Black Henriettas 3Even though I love the bold, rock chick look of the pointed studs of the current trend, these domed studs are beautifully feminine, like little golden bubbles! Black Henriettas 1

There’s something really Christmassy about these sweet flats – and it would definitely make a great Christmas present for a lucky girl! Purchase these beauties at French Sole for £150.

French Sole Olympic Henriettas

Do you remember in my French Sole Warehouse post, when I mentioned those amazing Olympic Henriettas that I stalked for months? Well, here they are! Untitled

Aren’t they gorgeous?


They have a beautifully decorated interior too – check out that amazing flag design! (London Sole is the company’s name in the US, in case you were confused!)


I also love this red gosgrain ribbon detailing at the back. I love everything about my shoes – especially the fact that I got to actually wear them to the Olympics this summer! Here’s a photo for proof, in which it looks like I’m trying to kick everyone in the head, which is just an added bonus…


Although this exact design is not available any more, you can buy Union Flag Henriettas with navy trim at French Sole’s website for £130. Sigh… Is it wrong to have two pairs of Union flag ballet flats?

French Sole Warehouse Sale!

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a brand obsessive. I don’t love a lot of brands, but when I get into something, I can be incredibly loyal, even if whatever the product is is squarely out of my price range! French Sole is one of those products that I fell in love with, but couldn’t really afford. I first became really aware of the brand on the lovely Duchess (aka Kate Middleton) very shortly after she got married, as she piroutted around Waitrose’s carpark wearing a pair of their pretty flats. I fell in love because I LOVE ballet flats, and this company was literally the brand to bring them to the masses – beloved of Diana in her day, too. I had a mega crush on their sparkly gold Henriettas last year, but alas, couldn’t really get a size that felt comfortable on me for the price. Then I discovered their limited edition Union Jack shoes at the end of 2011 and stalked them until they were made available in the UK. They were launched in shops only, but I hassled the poor people at the warehouse until they very kindly sent me a pair for the princely sum of £125 – more than I could really afford, but easily justifiable for the beauty of the shoes, in my opinion! (Many thanks to those long suffering warehouse staff for sending them to me before they were really available, I was so grateful I sent them a card!).

Anyway, I was absolutely thrilled when I saw on Facebook that the company was holding a warehouse sale this weekend, so to treat myself after a fairly horrendous deadline, I got up at 6am, so I could get ready and drive an hour to get to the sale. I ended up getting there half an hour early, but they were already letting people in! IMG_5716

This is what the warehouse looked like on a dreary October morning – complete with a food van (that I was too excited to buy anything from!). IMG_5717

This is the sight that greeted me inside – the sides were set up with shoes out on the table corresponding to the sizes, so I immediately ran over to the 40 section. IMG_5718

There were so many beautiful shoes, I just stared for a bit – then I saw people were picking up the shoes and trying them on, so I immediately pulled my socks off to join in! At this point, I had no idea what the prices were, but that wasn’t going to stop me… IMG_5722

They had bargain bins with pairs for £10 each, but I couldn’t find anything in there that I liked, so I began to grab pretty shoes at random, hopping up and down and slavering at the display like some kind of uncontrolled pervert in the red light district. IMG_5720

Honestly, though, can you blame me? IMG_5719

I eventually worked out that the pricing seemed to be £20 or £40 for the boxed pairs, so I went nuts and grabbed about five pairs that were literally so awesome I couldn’t believe it might actually be possible for me to leave without them. I then hobbled over to the corner to try them on… IMG_5723

These are the pairs I came away with, and I love each one. Starting from the top middle, a pair of quilted white flats with a black toe (very Chanel-esque), a pair of gorgeous brown-bronze flats (which you can’t see in the photo, but are actually lined with black fur), another pair of quilted shoes in brown with patent strips on the toes, then possibly my favourite, the brown glitter pair so similar to the ones I coveted last year (except not the same colour, but since then I’ve bought a similar pair in gold and black, so these are perfect!), and finally, a cute pair of plaid flats with a bronze shimmer finish, and more patent strips on the toes. The quilted pairs were £40 each, and the others were £20, which means I got around £600 of shoes for £120. Very. Pleased. The only thing that’s not too good is that it’s been fair too cold to wear these anywhere since I bought them – roll on spring, please!

(Even more amazingly, Vogue featured French Sole four times in their list of 100 best shoes for A/W 2012, and two of those styles – 28 and 53 – are very similar to the ones I picked up at the sale! Dare I say I prefer the shape of the ones I bought, though? Cos I do!—autumn/winter-2012-13-designer-heels-flats-and-sandals/gallery/59)