Here are some cycling blogs I admire and enjoy:

Here are some sites with great information for cyclists:

Products and services for cyclists:

Great shopping sites for UK cyclists

2 thoughts on “Links

  1. antony says:

    hi,i enjoyed reading your blog, i too love cycling, ride ride in shirley/freemantle offer evening classes in fixing your own bike, if you are worryed about punctures, or you can buy kevlar tape that sit in between the tire and tube, if you buy anti puncture tube as well, even on rough gravel i dont see you having any problems with punctures, i like riding in the forest on gravel, i like mountain biking so my tires are bigger, but i’m a big bloke, i dont worry at all, i bet i havent had a flat for about 2 years maybe more, touch wood, happy cycling, maybe pass you on sky ride around the town, take care antony.


    • distractedgourmet says:

      Hey Antony! Thanks for letting me know about those evening classes! Do you have any more info? I can’t find it on Google…

      Did you go to the Sky Ride?! Did you see yourself in any of the photos?


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