Alibi Pretox drink: an introduction

I was recently sent a complimentary box of Alibi pretox drinks to review on the blog, so I thought I’d follow up from my health kick on the 1953 vintage diet to review them!

Now, I’ve never been on a detox in my life – I only occasionally eat rubbish with any regularity (usually during the party season) and I rarely drink, so detoxing doesn’t quite have the urgency to me that it might have to someone who really parties hard (but I am definitely up for trying a detox at some point!). So, the idea of a ‘pretox’ sounded great – prevention is better than a cure, right? And, if all you have to do is sip delicious drinks, then I’m up for it!
Alibi pretox
Alibi comes in two flavours, Sparkling Citrus and Sparkling Pomegranate – which, as you might have guessed, are both fizzy. The citrus flavour is heavy on grapefruit and lime, and very fresh, whereas the pomegranate flavour is a little sweeter. I have to admit, I much preferred the pomegranate when I first tried them, but the citrus has really grown on me. I guess I associate the flavour of grapefruit with health, so that added mental boost gives it a bit of an edge!

Citrus Cut Out

Of coure, there’s more to these drinks than just a nice flavour. They contain 11 vitamins (including 100% of your RDA of vitamin K), three minerals, five herbal extracts and beta glucan (to boost your immunity), making them a great supplement whether you’re dieting or not. The sweet taste comes from stevia – which is sweeter than sugar but contains less calories. I know that artificial sweetners are a bit controversial – I use them a lot, but I am always looking into alternatives, and stevia is definitely something I’ll be trying more of in future.

The whole concept of Alibi is that it’ll boost your body’s defences with its healthy supplements – and I’m definitely a supporter of the idea that dietary supplementation is wise, especially given that the average diet is fairly low on fruit and veg. Even when you’re actively trying to lose weight, it’s always good for your peace of mind to know that you’re still getting some vitamins and minerals from somewhere. Of course, you can’t just drink this instead of following a healthy diet, but it’s great to have an extra safeguard in place.

Unlike many other health or diet drinks, this isn’t low calorie, because it doesn’t contain anything artificial. Coming in at 99 calories, though, it’s hardly going to break your calorie allowance, and you can drink it without worrying about putting weird chemicals into your body!

I’ve been drinking Alibi daily for just under two weeks now, and definitely enjoy my daily dose! As for results, I can’t claim anything earth shattering has happened – but then, I’ve also not been feeling as run down after Christmas as I thought I’d be, either. It was definitely nice to be able to drink something ‘healthy’ that felt like a treat following the Great Christmas Binge, and if you already enjoy fizzy drinks (don’t we all?!) but feel guilty every time you pop a can, substituting Alibi for your normal soda mught be a good way to supplement your diet!

Alibi is available from many stockists in the UK (list here) including Waitrose, Holland and Barrett, GNC and more. You can buy online from Ocado for £1.59 a can, or in packs of 12 from Amazon for £11.99.

Pomegranate Cut Out

How to stave off hunger during a diet

The two biggest enemies to a restricted diet are boredom, and hunger. There are loads of tips about distracting yourself to stave off boredom, but hunger pangs are harder to ignore. However, there is an easy way to combat them in advance – and that’s with psyllium husks.

Sounds scary and scientific, right? Or like some kind of quack quick-fix? Actually, all it is is indigestible fibre, which bulks out your tummy, filling you up before a meal and making those calories stretch further. The husks are completely harmless – I’ve done some research and can find nothing negative about them whatsoever – provided you take them as per the instructions. These instructions are really simple – take two, 30-60 minutes before a meal, with at least 250ml water. The water is important, because these husks are dried, and expand with the water to create bulk in your tummy.

As I’m a curious bunny, when I got my husks, I decided to break one open into the water to find out what was actually inside them before I put them inside my body! When you crack open the plastic capsule, inside is sand-coloured powder. Drop that powder into a glass of water, and the powder forms a thick gel. That’s what will keep you feeling full, and that’s why these are so handy for dieters who find themselves defeated by hunger, especially at the beginning of a diet.

You can buy these in the UK from Holland and Barrett, and there are very often offers or deals going on for them there. At the moment, you can buy two packs for £12.06, which should last a couple of months.

Whatever you do, don’t use these as a way of skipping meals altogther – you need to eat a meal 30-60 mins after taking these. This is not a meal substitute.