You’ll Wanna Be In My Gang: The Craft Gin Club

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Can you get more British than a good gin and tonic? Popular in medieval times, and supposedly the liquor behind the saying ‘Dutch courage’, this drink was produced in vast quantities after the government deregulated production in the first half of the 18th century. This so-called Mother’s Ruin was a popular drink amongst the poor, working classes, but its reputation improved somewhat when it was added to tonic water and served in the British colonies. This was to mask the bitter taste of quinine, an anti-malarial compound – and quinine is still used as a flavouring in tonic today.

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If you have a similar enthusiasm for historical methods of preventing malaria, you’ll be thrilled to know you can now join a club for like-minded individuals. The Craft Gin Club is a subscription service (costing £40), delivering new and exciting small batch liquors monthly. You can subscribe for deliveries monthly, bimonthly, or quartley – each delivery costs £40, but if you use the code GINPALS10 and then mention my blog, you can get £10 off!

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As well as a bottle of gin from some of the finest independent distillers around, you also get a copy of Ginned magazine, and some amazing free gifts. This month it ws a bottle of Cornish Orchards’ Elderflower presse, Buttermilk fudge and Cornish seasalt along with a bottle of Southwestern Distillery’s Tarquin’s Rosemary and Thyme gin.

Ginned (5)

Opening the Craft Gin Club delivery is an exciting prospect – not the least because Ginned! is a fascinating read, full of new gin cocktail recipes, interviews, and info about the producers of this month’s goodies. There are even savoury recipes, like this month’s roast leg of lamb flatbreads, as well as reviews of gin joints and a crossword! There’s a whole lot packed into a 24 page magazine, and I take my hat off to the club for such an interesting publication!

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One of the recipes I tried was the lethal Death in the Afternoon, which mixed 50ml of Tarquin’s Rosemary and Thyme gin with 10ml Elderflower presse and 5ml lemon juice, served with strawberries and topped up with Prosecco. A heady mixture – make sure your afternoon schedule is clear before imbibing!

Ginned (8)

I also tried this gin simply with some ice and tonic – it’s a deliciously savoury gin thanks to the notes of rosemary and thyme, but there’s also a fantastically bright citrus edge and some florals lurking in there too. This bottle went down an absolute treat, and the Craft Gin Club is some serious value for money thanks to the extra goodies you get! (Even more so if you use that GINPALS10 code!) I can’t wait to see what’s coming next month!

Ginned (3)

Head on over to to find out more, and to sign up for the club! Monthly deliveries of artisan, small batch gins? Yes, please!

The Craft Gin Club offered me this box for review. All opinions are my own!

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Shaken Cocktails: The Stylish Way to Get Sozzled

IMG_3258 yello

I’m a massive sucker for ‘X of the month’ clubs, recipes, cocktails, gin, and amassing excuses to use a coupe glass. So I think Shaken was actually designed entirely with me in mind – it combines all these things into a monthly delivery designed around  a lead spirit, which always changes and varies from gin, to whisky, to vodka. Inside the box, you get recipe cards for the cocktails, a booklet about the lead spirit, and the ingredients to make the cocktails! All you need to do is get the bar equipment ready and nab some lemons and limes!


The box I tried was the gin introductory box, and features two cocktails based around Broker’s gin (and the booklet has interesting info about the spirit as well…) The theme is the Prohibition era – think glamour, jazz, Speakeasys, and illicit boozing under cover of darkness and via secret knocks.Inside the kit were the recipe cards and booklet, plus five glass bottles containing 200ml of Brooker’s gin, 30ml of green chartreuse, 60ml of maraschino, 10ml of absinthe and 10ml of creme de violette.

The first cocktail was Aviation, served in a chilled martini glass – a combination of gin, maraschino, creme de violette and lemon juice, stirred with ice. This pretty blue drink has a delicate floral taste like parma violets, backed up by a heady punch courtesy of the Broker’s.


With the subtle hint of blue and the sweet taste of flowers, this is definitely a feminine drink, but don’t let that fool you! Just like all the most formidable women, it looks pretty but it packs a punch.


Now let’s move onto Last Word – an exotic and mysterious combination that includes the green fairy herself – a rinse of absinthe! I’d never actually had an absinthe cocktail before, so I was intrigued to try a drink that included a spirit with such an infamous reputation, joining the ranks of absinthe drinkers such as Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, Oscar Wild and Charles Baudelaire. Rest assured, the amount of absinthe in Last Word is nowhere near enough for you to dissolve into the legendary deranged behaviours or hallucinations the myth of the la fee verte would have you believe. Combined with gin, maraschino, green chartreuse and lime juice, the absinthe rinse in Last Word imparts a subtle aniseed flavour to this tart and medicinal tasting drink, which also has hints of liquorice and cherries.


Each Shaken box has enough ingredients in it to create two cocktails for each recipe, with enough of the main spirit left over for you to try that on its own – so, five bar-strength drinks in all!

If you want to join the monthly subscribers as an Explorers’ Club Member, the cost for each box is £24, including delivery (but I have a money-off code, below!). Each month, you’re emailed ahead of time about that month’s box, and if you prefer, you can swap it out with the gin or whisky introduction boxes. Also, you can cancel any time, and even skip boxes too!

Shaken also has  an online shop with gift certificates, one off boxes and full sized bottles of each box’s lead spirit. Shaken’s Gin, Whisky and Espresso Martini boxes are available at their shop for £29 each – I think these are awesome for a dinner party or gathering! I’m definitely signing up, and I know a certain friend of mine who may well be getting one of these beauties as a gift in the next few months!


Follow this link to get £10 off your first Shaken box:, making it just £14. You can choose from the gin box that I trialled, or the whiskey box, which includes Four Roses Small Batch bourbon, Campari, sweet and dry vermouths and orange bitters to make a Manhattan and Boulevardier. Hmm… I may have to do some more ‘research’ on this one. You know, just to test it out…

Thanks to Shaken for sending me a box to try. All my opinions are my own!

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An Ode To popchips


I have a bit of a thing for popchips – I first heard about them on the Jillian Michael’s podcast, as she’s an investor in the company, and as you know, I love me some Jillian. So I was eager to try them out, and boy, did they live up to the hype.

I got an email through from popchips recently about research they did about snacking at work, that used the term ‘snackered’ to describe the British workforce – the word combining ‘knackered’ with ‘snack’ to refer to someone who is both tired and in need of a little sustenance to restore their soul. I don’t know if they coined this term, but I like it, and I’m adding it in to the very important diet-related word ‘hangry’ – when you’re so hungry, you get angry because you’re on a diet and you’re not ‘allowed’ to eat anything. Well, popchips are under 100 calories a bag, so whether you’re hangry or snackered, I’m fairly sure you can fit this into your calorie allowance!

Most diet plans will have an allowance for snack food – sometimes twice a day – and that fits into popchips’ research that workers reach for snacks at 11.30am and 3pm daily. Plus, apparently, 1 in 10 workers of the 2000 they surveyed admitted to taking a day off with a faked illness when they ran out of energy in the afternoon, while 6% said they take their snacks into the toilet to eat in secret! Not sure what’s going on there, but I don’t think you’d have a reason to hide your bag of popchips at the office – unless you were scared of your co-workers stealing them! I have to say, in the case of bunking off work because of low energy levels, I don’t think a bag of popchips can really solve that problem (sometimes, a sickie is just a sickie), but it will console you to snack on them during your commute home as you contemplate a half duvet day…


popchips are definitely one of those snacks that it’s worth having around the house (and office!) for when you get an attack of the munchies – because they’re not fried, but rather popped like popcorn, they’re healthier for you than regular potato crisps. I wouldn’t say they’re an alternative to crisps, because it does them a disservice to compare the two – they’re really a unique product all on their own, and the process of manufacturing them is totally different to the way crisps are made (here’s a fact – the chips aren’t made from slices of potato, but rather small kernels of potato that are popped just like popcorn!). Who would have thought that there were more ways to cook a potato in the year 2013!

Visit popchips at to find out more, including stockist information.

My thanks to popchips for providing me with the delicious snacks mentioned above!

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Graze Nibblebox and Lightbox reviews

I have to say, Graze have really stepped up their game. The company creates boxes of nibbles and snacks that they send to you (postbox friendly!) on a weekly schedule (or daily, depending on how much you like Grazing!) so you can eat healthily at your desk.

Anyone who has ever tried dieting for any length of time will be able to tell you that healthy eating and low calorie eating are not the same thing. Avocados are a case in point. Full of healthy fats and vitamins, these beautiful little fruits will set you back 160 calories for 100g – about double the calorie count of an apple. Thusly, addicted as I was to Graze’s delicious offerings, I eventually had to cancel. The boxes could be as much as 800 calories a time, and although you’re not supposed to eat them all in go, I have to confess there were times when the lot would disappear over the course of a day. At the time, I wrote to the company to tell them that I had to cancel because of the high calorie content of some of their boxes, and although they promised to look into it, I have to confess I didn’t really believe them.

Inside box

So now it’s time to eat my… well, not words – thoughts? Anyway, since I’ve been gone, Graze has been busy, and so when I got an email offering me some half price boxes as a New Year offer, I was bowled over by their new ranges when I actually checked the site out. I think when I had left Graze was introducing breads, but now they have a delicious range of crackers and dips, and delightful looking bakes, including an entire range dedicated to my favourite British institution – high tea!

Afternoon Infusion

Yes, when they say high tea, they mean it quite literally – they even send you the tea bag! And, it comes guilt-free.

Apple and blackcurrant crumble

As you can see from that logo on the packet in the top right, this is from the Graze Light range. When you sign up, you can select a nibblebox (which I tried first) or one of the Graze nutritionboxes, which comes in three types; the eatwell box, boostbox and lightbox. The lightbox has all of the same great goodies as the nibblebox, except no dark chocolate, or flapjacks. You’ll be sent trays that contain between 50 and 150 calories each (and you get four trays in each delivery).

Sticky Chocolate Pudding

Here’s another little treat I had in my last Graze box – sticky chocolate pudding. For 176 calories, you get a mix of milk chocolate drops, jumbo raisins and green raisins – not too naughty at all, in my opinion! I also highly recommend the Korean rice crackers – it was Graze who originally got me addicted to these beauties, and for that I am eternally grateful to them!

I’m delighted with Graze’s new range – but a little bit disappointed that they no longer offer fresh fruit. I can understand why, because there were times when my fruit turned up a little – well, fizzy. And, sometimes it felt a bit ridiculous working from home and eating grapes that had been posted to me when there was a whole bowl of fruit in the kitchen! Still, I hope that they can include the option for fresh fruit at some point in the future when they can source stuff that stays fresher for longer.

If you want to try Graze yourself for free, use my code! Type in 6KDFWFW at, or follow this link: You’ll get a free Graze box when you sign up, and I’ll get £1 off my next order – now there’s incentive for both of us! Each Graze box costs £3.89, and you can cancel any time you like.

If you already get Graze boxes, let me know what you think!

Graze box

Alibi Pretox drink: an introduction

I was recently sent a complimentary box of Alibi pretox drinks to review on the blog, so I thought I’d follow up from my health kick on the 1953 vintage diet to review them!

Now, I’ve never been on a detox in my life – I only occasionally eat rubbish with any regularity (usually during the party season) and I rarely drink, so detoxing doesn’t quite have the urgency to me that it might have to someone who really parties hard (but I am definitely up for trying a detox at some point!). So, the idea of a ‘pretox’ sounded great – prevention is better than a cure, right? And, if all you have to do is sip delicious drinks, then I’m up for it!
Alibi pretox
Alibi comes in two flavours, Sparkling Citrus and Sparkling Pomegranate – which, as you might have guessed, are both fizzy. The citrus flavour is heavy on grapefruit and lime, and very fresh, whereas the pomegranate flavour is a little sweeter. I have to admit, I much preferred the pomegranate when I first tried them, but the citrus has really grown on me. I guess I associate the flavour of grapefruit with health, so that added mental boost gives it a bit of an edge!

Citrus Cut Out

Of coure, there’s more to these drinks than just a nice flavour. They contain 11 vitamins (including 100% of your RDA of vitamin K), three minerals, five herbal extracts and beta glucan (to boost your immunity), making them a great supplement whether you’re dieting or not. The sweet taste comes from stevia – which is sweeter than sugar but contains less calories. I know that artificial sweetners are a bit controversial – I use them a lot, but I am always looking into alternatives, and stevia is definitely something I’ll be trying more of in future.

The whole concept of Alibi is that it’ll boost your body’s defences with its healthy supplements – and I’m definitely a supporter of the idea that dietary supplementation is wise, especially given that the average diet is fairly low on fruit and veg. Even when you’re actively trying to lose weight, it’s always good for your peace of mind to know that you’re still getting some vitamins and minerals from somewhere. Of course, you can’t just drink this instead of following a healthy diet, but it’s great to have an extra safeguard in place.

Unlike many other health or diet drinks, this isn’t low calorie, because it doesn’t contain anything artificial. Coming in at 99 calories, though, it’s hardly going to break your calorie allowance, and you can drink it without worrying about putting weird chemicals into your body!

I’ve been drinking Alibi daily for just under two weeks now, and definitely enjoy my daily dose! As for results, I can’t claim anything earth shattering has happened – but then, I’ve also not been feeling as run down after Christmas as I thought I’d be, either. It was definitely nice to be able to drink something ‘healthy’ that felt like a treat following the Great Christmas Binge, and if you already enjoy fizzy drinks (don’t we all?!) but feel guilty every time you pop a can, substituting Alibi for your normal soda mught be a good way to supplement your diet!

Alibi is available from many stockists in the UK (list here) including Waitrose, Holland and Barrett, GNC and more. You can buy online from Ocado for £1.59 a can, or in packs of 12 from Amazon for £11.99.

Pomegranate Cut Out

Hello Fresh: 3 Meal Box Review (4 Dec)

Another week, another box from Hello Fresh!
I was really looking forward to this week’s recipes, and I have to say, they didn’t disappoint! First up was chicken fajita – a fairly simple recipe flavoured only with chilli and cumin. But there were plenty of accompaniments (no sour cream or cheese though…), and the end result was delicious!
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

The dish I was most excited to try was duck ragu, because I’d never made something like that before – you slow cook the duck legs in tomatoes, veggies and herbs. I thought the dish could have used a lot more cooking, to be honest, because the meat was difficult to get off the bone (especially when piping hot!), but it was still fairly tender in the dish itself.

Untitled Untitled

Very filling – huge portions this week!


Finally, a good old classic – bangers and mash. The red onion gravy was delicious – I don’t very often make this dish, but this recipe was so easy and gave such great results, I’ll be doing it again. The mash was made with roasted garlic, and tasted gorgeous. Again, another mammoth portion.

All of the calorie counts were much higher this week, but then this was hearty fayre. Hello Fresh isn’t really for those on a diet, but I hope in the future they’ll consider introducing a dieter’s box, because I’d sign up regularly. This will be the last Hello Fresh box from me for a while, because the holidays make dinners very unpredictable – but if you’d like to sign up, use the code FOODFASHFIT, for £10 off your first order at Hello Fresh!

Hello Fresh: 3 Meal Box Review (27 Nov)

You might remember I posted about Hello Fresh before. It’s the company that is offering a complete Christmas dinner in a box – all the ingredients (down to the cheeseboard!), delivered to your door in time for the big day! The company also do weekly deliveries, containing all the ingredients you need to make a variety of recipes they supply, so I decided to try some out this week. As you probably know, I love cooking, but sometimes it’s easy to get into a rut with the meal choices and same old recipes. Hello Fresh gives you a choice of vegetarian or meat options, but other than that, the recipes (and ingredients) themselves are a surprise. (Of course, you can cheat and find out before they’re delivered what you’re getting!)

So, on Tuesday, I received my special box containing my first three meals!

Untitled Untitled Untitled

Inside was a treasure-trove of ingredients in special packets, along with recipe cards and a welcome pack about the company.

Check out these beauties! Is there anything more wholesome than a great big spread of veggies?


Of course, vegetables weren’t the only things on the menu this week!


There was even a cute little paper bag for all the sundry items needed – the only things you’re expected to have are butter, oil, salt and pepper.


As my pack contained seafood, I decided to cook that recipe first, to keep it as fresh as possible. Viola – paella!


I’d actually never cooked paella before. Or eaten it. It just never appealed to me particularly, nor have I been to many places that offered it. That said, I was certainly up for the challenge of cooking this one, even though my husband doesn’t eat fish (a bit of a drawback on this scheme, as you can’t select meat only options). However, it was easy enough to separate the meal into two pans, as it’s a one-pot dish, and chuck some chicken into his. Extra bonus? I got to eat all the seafood!

Paella 5

Once the preparation was done, the meal had to cook for about 20 minutes, which was great as it meant I could come back and do some blogging while I waited. The ingredients had to be prepped, of course – which took slightly longer than the recipe anticipated, but then I was making life difficult for myself by dividing it all up… Some people are just never satisfied with an easy life, I guess! Anyway, the recipe was very simple to follow, and although I don’t consider myself a beginner by any means, I don’t see how you could have trouble following these directions. You definitely have to read ahead, though, because a clean tea towel is required at the end to finish the dish off. Luckily, I had just finished a batch of laundry, so I was prepared! (Let’s just say, a clean tea towel is not always to hand in our house…)

Paella 7

Anyway, it was absolutely delicious. Just what you want from a meal – a bit adventurous, simple to make, and very very tasty! Even though I had more seafood than the calorie count was for, the original count made this 563 calories, which is not too bad at all, considering the portion was enormous, and it was chock full of chorizo as well!

The next day’s meal was rosemary and thyme pork chops with roasted fennel and baby carrots:


Check out these juicy pork chops!

Pork Chops Pork Chops with herbs

They were flash-fried and finished in the oven with the herbs, and the veggies were roasted with balsamic vinegar and olive oil to make another fairly simple, yet tasty dish. However, I had to make another alteration for my husband (he’s not a foodie, let’s just make that clear) and chucked in some baby potatoes I already had spare – fennel is not a staple of his diet. I loved it though – trying new things is definitely what makes me tick!

Pork chops with fennel and garlic 2

The roasted garlic really lifted this dish – I love chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, so it was familiar and delicious meal for me. Plus, the baked rosemary was crispy and fragrant – just right for the pork. I think I overcooked the pork slightly, because it wasn’t as juicy as it could have been, but other than that it was a good meal, and a diet-friendly 527 calories, according to Hello Fresh’s calculations (not including the extra spuds, of course!).

Today’s meal was the posh sounding aubergine ‘al funghetto’ with butterflied chicken:


I love the little descriptions of each dish provided in the details on the recipe card… Anyway, hilariously, this was another meal where my husband didn’t like one of the main ingredients – aubergine. He doesn’t like mushrooms either, incidentally… Luckily, I do!

Butterflied chicken raw

There was a chance to test my knife skills by butterflying the chicken, which was fun and very easy – and made me feel like a proper chef. Again, the instructions were easy enough to follow, and the recipe was adventurous yet still familiar – a stew-like concoction of aubergine and tomatoes, spiked with garlic and dried chilli, with boiled new potatoes and a butterflied chicken breast. You’re supposed to cook the chicken under a grill, but our oven doesn’t have one, so I griddled mine instead – and it was delicious! You add in fresh mint at the last minute, which seems really unusual for these ingredients, but still really works, and gives the whole thing a refreshingly exotic taste.

Butterflied chicken finished 3

This one had the lowest calorie count of all – 503 in all, which is about the amount I usually allow myself for dinner when I’m on a diet.

All in all, I loved my first Hello Fresh box, and even though my husband wasn’t keen on everything, it was easy to adapt and chop and change things around to suit him. It was great fun to let someone else do the shopping for me, and pick out some dishes I’d never get to try usually, and I loved it so much I’ve signed up for next week, too. It’s a rolling subscription, but it’s easy enough to suspend if you want a breather. I don’t know how typical the calorie counts are, but this week’s were all under 600 calories – which is great – and having the counts already on the recipe takes away an extra chore when you’re trying to watch what you eat. There are also fat, carbs and protein counts in grams on there too for those that want them!

Onto the pricing. Delivery is free, and there are a range of options depending on how many people you’re feeding, and for how long. Ours was one of the cheapest options – a three meal box for two people – but you can feed six people for five meals if you fancy it!

  • 3-Meal Box for 2 – £39 (Vegetarian option available at £36)
  • 3-Meal Box for 4 – £59 (Vegetarian option available at £57)
  • 3-Meal Box for 6 – £89 (Vegetarian option available at £78)
  • 5-Meal Box for 2 – £49
  • 5-Meal Box for 4 – £89
  • 5-Meal Box for 6 – £129

However, with the code FOODFASHFIT, you can get £10 off your first order (and I’ll get some money off, too, which is handy!). Visit Hello Fresh for more – and come back this time next week for my round-up of the next batch of recipes!

Party On: PopChips Review Extravaganza!

Recently, the nice people at PopChips sent me a box of tasty treats to review, and by a fantastic coincidence, they arrived the day of my best friends’ birthday (they are twins… the grammar is making my head ache)! Already armed with the super delicious (but highly calorific) Kettle Chips I had already bought, I took the box along to share, and get everyone’s opinions about PopChips.

I first heard about PopChips through Jillian Michaels’ podcast, as she’s an investor in the company (and you know I love me some Jillian). These are often listed as one of her recommended snacks on her diet plans. However, these really aren’t diet food – but then, they’re not really crisps, either. They’re puffed up discs of deliciously flavoured, 100% real potato goodness, and each bag is under 100 calories.


Think popcorn, but crisps! So, I took my magical box to the party (not just ANY party, a 30th birthday party!) to canvass some opinions. And to be honest, some of my friends sounded like they were auditioning for a job in PR when I asked them to text me their thoughts later – they obviously really liked these crisps! (And there were plenty of Kettle Chips that got left behind that night, let me tell you.)


This is Charlie. He had plenty to say about PopChips, all of them in handy, bite-sized slogans. He started off quizzically.

“Who would have thought you could flavour air? Crazy!”

Then he upped the ante.

“They were so good, I had my sex-face on. Mmm-mmm.”

(I did not get a sex-face photo. Sorry.)

He finished off with:

“If Sting had PopChips, he wouldn’t need tantric sex.”

Indeed! Those salt and vinegar ones must be good. (What a scamp!)


This is birthday girl #1, Rachel! She loved the salt and vinegar flavour too, and complimented them on their crunchiness.


This is Lorraine, birthday girl #2! She was also heavily into writing slogans when I texted her about her thoughts. “Why have crisps when you can have PopChips?!” she demanded. “Taste just as yummy but fewer calories – just what I want from a snack! Particularly liked the barbeque flavour, very tasty!”


As you can see, Omar was initially sceptical about the idea of low calorie crisps. He is a man’s man. Man’s men don’t eat low calorie crisps. However, he was won over, and pronounced them “tasty, and surprisingly light.” Well. He was eating the manliest flavour, after all.


Here’s Sara (you might remember her from the post about WestQuay’s new Dining area). She liked her salt and vinegar flavour, and told me she reckoned they were “a good alternative to crisps.”

Finally, my dear husband, Michael. We don’t need a quote from him. Look how happy he is, just eating those PopChips.


Really, the face says it all, doesn’t it?

You can buy PopChips at WHSmith, Waitrose, Ocado, Boots, and many other fine retailers. Check out PopChips’ site here! Or, visit them on Facebook. Tell them I sent ya!

A decadent diet dessert

When you’re on a diet, sometimes all you can think about is what you can’t eat. Sugary treats, cream – desserts in general, really. Low-calorie puddings tend to consist mostly of jellies, fruit, frozen yogurt, or cake bars – which are okay, but not always the sort of thing that sends you to that comforting, cozy, little sugar-high paradise that you seek when you’re feeling deprived. However, it is possible to find some low calorie desserts in the supermarket that definitely taste like a treat, and look like one too – and better yet, they don’t break the bank. I’m talking, of course, about toffee cream meringues! UntitledChocolate, cream, toffee, and a heck of sugar, all for 130 calories? Yes, please! These cost £1.09 for two at Tesco, and you can also buy a similar product from Marks and Spencer (which tastes better – crispier meringue – but naturally, costs more). Since I discovered these, I’ve scoffed my way through one every night for four days, and I’m not sorry at all – they are delicious. Separate the delicious halves of the shell and eat them like buttered toast, with a cup of tea, in front of the telly. The best post-workout snack I know…*

* I don’t know much about post-workout snacks. But hey, toffee cream.

Tomatillo Salsa Verde kit from Riverford

I recently tried a tomatillo salsa verde kit from – it’s an organic veg box scheme which I’ve been subscribed to for just over a year now. I love Riverford’s ultra foody approach, and of course, I love trying new things – so when they offered a kit for £4.95 to make your own tomatillo salsa, I jumped on it!


Tomatillos aren’t common here (I had only ever seen one once before I got this kit!) but they’re an important ingredient in Mexican cooking. They look like green tomatoes with papery skins.


The kit came with a head of garlic, a punnet of tomatillos, a red onion, coriander, chillies, and a lime. Everything you need to make this recipe minus the sugar and salt!


The kit was amazingly good value, and a great way of trying out tomatillos. I’ll definitely buy them again if I get the chance – and it sounds like the crop was successful, so hopefully they’ll be growing some more next year!

If you want to purchase organic vegetables and support eco-friendly farming, check out Find the kit here.

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