Royal Tour Australia 2018: Every Item Worn By Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

It can get manic trying to keep up with every item worn on a royal tour, so I’ve decided to keep a running, updated tally of every item worn, complete with links. Keep checking back as this post will be continually updated live!

(On mobile, you can click on the photo to be taken to a photo gallery – on desktop, click on the main image below each day to see the gallery.)

Day 15: Monday 29 October, Wellington

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Together: Our Community Cookbook: Book Review Part 2


This weekend, I spent my time cooking 10 recipes from Together: Our Community Cookbook, so I could let you know my thoughts on the content of the book!

For context and a wider view of the project, make sure you read the first part of my review here.

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Charlotte Tilbury Stars-In-Your-Eyes Palette

I’m a massive fan of Charlotte Tilbury, particularly her eyeshadow palettes – and the words ‘limited edition’ always have me clicking on the checkout button so fast I’m sure I look like a woman possessed. Last year I bought the Instant Eye Palette as soon as it launched, which was a gorgeous array of nudes, browns, peaches and silvers which you could use to create looks called Day Eye, Desk Eye, Date Eye, and Disco Eye. Continue reading

Together: Our Community Cookbook: Book Review Part 1


Together: Our Community Cookbook is probably one of the most significant books in its category to be published this year. It’s not just a collection of recipes, it’s a symbol of hope, renewal, strength, dedication and a celebration of community and of the giving spirit of women. The book represents not just the Duchess of Sussex’s first big solo project since her high profile wedding and entry into the British Royal family, but it’s also a story of how a tragedy has brought a group of people together, united them in grief, and a story about the indefatigable nature of the human spirit. It’s also a melting pot of cultures and identities that neatly describes modern Britain, and the sense of unity and a shared bond is woven throughout the pages within.

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Whiskey Cocktails For Autumn: Inspired By Sharp Objects


First of all, I recognise that there’s a bit of a mental leap to be taken here from watching a show about barely functional alcoholics and then being inspired to do a post about whisky, but… What’s my excuse? I guess this one’s for all the people who love Sharp Objects, don’t have a drinking problem, and like cocktails… Like me!

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Gardening for DIY Bouquets

I’ve always been a practical gal, so when I got my first garden, I spent most of my time growing tomatoes and herbs for the kitchen. It’s only recently that I’ve developed a love of fresh flowers and took the plunge when it came to growing my own. Here’s what I’ve learned so far!

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Campfire Tripod: Easy Recipes

Okay, I’m sort of embarrassed to even call these recipes, as they’re more like tips, but I thought I’d share some meals I prepared on my EasyCamp camp fire tripod deluxe so you can see how simple and fun it makes cooking!

One thing I love about it is how communal it makes cooking in the evening. Whereas traditionally the BBQ is the domain of one or two designated grill cooks, the tripod is the focal point of your seating area during the evening, providing food, warmth and entertainment for the whole group. Skewers of meat or sausages can be cooked for each person, and all you need to worry about is making sure the grill is balanced!

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Campfire Tripod: Essential Kit!

This campfire tripod is actually a way more essential piece of kit than I expected it to be, and from now on I’m almost certainly bringing it to every camping trip I go on, especially if it’s with friends! Together with the DayHaven tipi tent, pictured above, EasyCamp sent me their Campfire Tripod Deluxe (see more here), and it’s easily one of the best additions to my camping kit that I’ve had recently. In fact, my friends were raving about it on our last trip, so I dare not forget to include it every time we go away now!

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Bash Out A Banging BBQ On A Budget

You guys know I love bargains, and there’s really no better place to bag one than Aldi. Even though our closest shop is across town, I’m always happy to pop in and take advantage of those low prices!

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