Whiskey Cocktails For Autumn: Inspired By Sharp Objects


First of all, I recognise that there’s a bit of a mental leap to be taken here from watching a show about barely functional alcoholics and then being inspired to do a post about whisky, but… What’s my excuse? I guess this one’s for all the people who love Sharp Objects, don’t have a drinking problem, and like cocktails… Like me!

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Gardening for DIY Bouquets

I’ve always been a practical gal, so when I got my first garden, I spent most of my time growing tomatoes and herbs for the kitchen. It’s only recently that I’ve developed a love of fresh flowers and took the plunge when it came to growing my own. Here’s what I’ve learned so far!

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Campfire Tripod: Easy Recipes

Okay, I’m sort of embarrassed to even call these recipes, as they’re more like tips, but I thought I’d share some meals I prepared on my EasyCamp camp fire tripod deluxe so you can see how simple and fun it makes cooking!

One thing I love about it is how communal it makes cooking in the evening. Whereas traditionally the BBQ is the domain of one or two designated grill cooks, the tripod is the focal point of your seating area during the evening, providing food, warmth and entertainment for the whole group. Skewers of meat or sausages can be cooked for each person, and all you need to worry about is making sure the grill is balanced!

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Campfire Tripod: Essential Kit!

This campfire tripod is actually a way more essential piece of kit than I expected it to be, and from now on I’m almost certainly bringing it to every camping trip I go on, especially if it’s with friends! Together with the DayHaven tipi tent, pictured above, EasyCamp sent me their Campfire Tripod Deluxe (see more here), and it’s easily one of the best additions to my camping kit that I’ve had recently. In fact, my friends were raving about it on our last trip, so I dare not forget to include it every time we go away now!

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Bash Out A Banging BBQ On A Budget

You guys know I love bargains, and there’s really no better place to bag one than Aldi. Even though our closest shop is across town, I’m always happy to pop in and take advantage of those low prices!

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DIY Glamping: Scandi Folklore Style

img_5657You guys may have heard a lot about glamping over the years: the luxe way to camp which basically involves turning up at a site to a premade semi-permanent dwelling, usually made of heavy canvas, to enjoy the outdoors without the slightest bit of inconvenience. Well, that’s all well and good if you have deep pockets and you don’t really enjoy camping, but if you’re into going outdoors and you want to introduce a bit of glam to your campsite on a budget, here’s the post for you! Get ready for possibly the most shallow discussion of tents and accessories you’ve probably ever read… Continue reading

Top Tipples: Supermarine Vodka and Two Easy Summer Recipes


Vodka doesn’t have the best reputation – whilst gin is enjoying its moment in the spotlight, vodka is often thought of as nothing more than a mixer. I have to say, I’d never even considered trying it neat until Supermarine vodka sent me a sample to try. It really is absolutely sublime when served neat over ice.

But you can’t really make a blog post out of that, so here are two cocktail recipes that showcase the delicious flavour of Supermarine Vodka!

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Protect Your Joints: LQ Liquid Health Jointcare

You probably take your body for granted until you get that first twinge after exercise, or that niggling pain, or that ache a few days after you pushed yourself really hard during a session. Truth is, your body does what it’s supposed to – until it doesn’t! I had an experience like this last year when I sprained my ankle really badly training for the London Marathon. It still hasn’t healed, and no, I didn’t get to compete. I’ve deferred until next year, which gives me even more time to get ready.

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