The 22-Day Revolution: Vegan Diet Day One

(This is day one in my vegan diet plan. To find out what it is and why I’m doing it, read my post here!)


Marco Borges’ diet plan in The 22-Day Revolution is laid out in a very precise manner. Instead of a general recipe section, it’s laid out with recipes for each day, which have been formulated to work with each other to deliver the right nutrients at the right times. This is what appealed to me right away – I wanted a rigid plan I had to stick to, because too much choice for me sometimes leads me very much astray!

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The 22-Day Revolution: Vegan Diet Day Zero

If there’s one thing I enjoy, it’s speculating about new diet crazes and food fads. Life is short, the same old food gets boring after a while, and even though I roll my eyes every time they discover a new superfood, I’m still happy to jump on the bandwagon and give stuff a go. When I saw Beyonce hitting the news for her foreword in Marco Borges The 22-Day Revolution, I was completely intrigued. The concept of the plan involves 22 days of vegan food, based mostly on non-processed, whole foods. (Don’t forget, you could eat chips and Oreos for 22 days and still be a vegan! Vegan doesn’t mean healthy by itself!)

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