Bag ‘n’ Shoes: Juicy Couture Bowling Bag and Croc Kurt Geiger flats

I thought I’d go back in time for this week’s bag ‘n’ shoes post – these are probably my oldest ‘fancy’ shoes and bag. In fact, I think the Juicy Couture bag was my first ‘designer’ bag, bought way back when at Net-A-Porter in the sale for a little over £100. At the time, I was young, free and single, and living at home, but that was still a huge chunk o’cash! Luckily, I still love the bag to bits – literally. There are missing embellishments everywhere, and owing to some storage issues, it was recently rediscovered smelling a tad musty – but I’ve been working on that! (Oh yeah, this isn’t one of those fancy ‘lifestyle’ blogs that paints over all the less than rosy aspects. I mean, look at those weeds on my patio!)


It’s fair to say I’ve grown out of JC since, but this bag will always have a place in my wardrobe. The jute and pink thread combo, plus the chocolate brown trim, just does it for me every time! I paired it with another blast from the past – one of the first pairs of shoes I ever bought in the Harrod’s sale – brown croc Kurt Geigers, which seriously need another clean and polish!

Juicy Couture and Kurt montage 1

These were probably the first pair of flats I ever bought, because as a teenager, I just lived in trainers. I can’t believe how long these shoes have lasted, but, again, I still love them as much now – maybe more – as the day I bought them! That square toe, those laces! The curved trim! Ahh.

Juicy Couture and Kurt montage 2

I guess this is a caution to make sure you always store your bags properly – and even if you think they’re safe, air them out every season. Trust me, it’s a lot of trouble to freshen them up again!

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