Bayswater Clutch: A Classic Wardrobe Staple

If there’s one thing that every fashion expert will tell you, it’s that you should invest in classic pieces – those fashion staples you can use year on year…

After seeing how versatile my Valentine’s Bayswater clutch is – and how often Kate Middleton uses hers in black suede – I couldn’t resist picking up a black leather version!

This is the glossy goat leather – Mulberry have just changed to a different leather called small classic grain, which has a slightly different finish. Getting hold of this clutch was a mission in itself, but I tracked down one of the last four in the country in Birmingham’s branch of Harvey Nichols!

The great thing about this clutch is that it’s just about big enough to use as a bag if you’re only carrying a few cards, your phone and a lippy – but it’s also stylish and small enough to use as an evening bag. The chain is detachable but I like to use it as a shoulder bag, because the chain is just beautiful!

Check out the clutch online in a variety of colours here: (And, if you hurry, there are still some colours on sale including peony pink, poppy red and mandarin!)

Breton Stripes: A Forever Classic

If you describe your style as classic or preppy, you should have at least one Breton style top in your wardrobe! The Breton top is a classic and has been popular with the fashion set for nearly a century, after Coco Chanel introduced the top to her fashion collection in 1917.

The original, classic Breton top was worn by sailors in the French navy, was introduced in 1858, and was supposed to feature 21 stripes for Napoleon’s 21 victories. The lore surrounding the Breton top also states that the stripes were selected so that a sailor would stand out in the sea if he fell overboard! Breton tops are most classically defined as navy and white, although red and white is fairly usual alternative. These tops have been worn by Audrey Hepburn, Kate Middleton, Marilyn Monroe, Coco Chanel, Brigitte Bardot, and Alexa Chung, to name but a few. Taking stock of my wardrobe recently, I realised that Breton stripes had become something of an obsession, so I decided to do a post featuring a few of my current favourites!

Breton Style

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Holiday packing: the sunglasses edition!

Don’t worry about your passport, your tickets and your itinerary – that’s all deadly boring. When it comes to packing for a holiday, my favorite thing to consider are the accessories!

(Notting Hill Nude lipstick, Rimmel / Odeion clutch in indigo, Oroton / DKNY 4109 sunglasses, c/o / Tickle My France-y nail varnish, OPI / Blue leather bracelet, Next)

That’s why I picked out these amazing black cat eye sunnies from DKNY from Cat eye shades are such a classic shape – they’re stylish without being too trendy, and you can wear them with everything from a swimming costume on the beach to a maxi dress at the bar.


I love because you can actually search for your shades by frame shape, as well as the usual brand and colour options. As well as cat eye sunglasses, you can search for Aviator style, butterfly, oval, rectangle, retro, visor, Wayfarer and more! (Should I admit this…? I honestly didn’t realise that there were that many different styles!)


These awesome shades come from the DKNY range – this style comes in tortoise, leopard and black (pictured), and is a best seller (look for DKNY 4109). The biggest seller in the DKNY range is the 4084 – an elegant, more rounded cat eye shape that comes in black and tortoise. Also, check out the DKNY 4096, which is featured in the campaign with Cara Delevingne! You can’t beat a bit of DKNY while you’re lounging by the pool, can you?!

I’ll be taking these gorgeous shades with me to Marseille, so expect some modeling shots live from France later next week!

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Designer Accessories: The Wishlist Edit

If you could make a list of your top five most wanted designer accessories, what would you include?

Designer Accessories
For me, it’s got to be Chanel studs (in gold, please!), an iconic skull scarf from Alexander McQueen, and to continue the theme, a skull bracelet from Links of London, plus a pretty black Alexa from Mulberry with soft gold furniture (I love black and gold together!) – and of course, what else but a pair of classic Louboutin pumps in black, with sky high heels!
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Daniel Wellington Watches: A Watch For All Seasons

Is there anything more classic and elegant than a well-made, analogue watch? Let’s just say, as a child of the ’80s, this fact completely escaped me for many years. When I were a lass (and all this were fields, err, mines… and coal… factories?) all I wanted was a digital watch with the most number of features humanly possible. I distinctly remember staring at the Argos catalogue, comparing the number of functions each watch had to the other, and trying to work out what was the best one my parents would let me get away with. Waterproof – yeah, but HOW DEEP COULD IT GO? Calculator? But how many time zones does it cover? And how many buttons does it have? And, DOES IT HAVE A STOPWATCH?

Nowadays, we all have phones to do all that for us, and in twenty years time I guess another girl will be updating her holographic diary about how she loves retro smart phones, but at least her robot companion can cook dinner and play movies from his forehead. For now, though, let us admire the sleek, simple, stylish lines of the humble, yet sophisticated, wristwatch…

You might have seen a few other bloggers raving about the beautiful watches from Daniel Wellington, a company whose style is both preppy and vintage, and manages to be modern and classic at the same time. The company has recently expanded, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about them as time goes by – these watches are truly beautiful. The first watch that caught my eye was the Classic St Andrews Lady – I’m a sucker for brown leather and gold – especially rose gold!

Classic St Andrews Lady

What sets Daniel Wellington apart, though, is the use of Nato straps on their watches – brightly coloured striped bands which give the brand a distinct personality and sense of playfulness.

Classic Oxford Lady

I love this great colour combination! Nato straps are certainly nothing new for watches, but I’ve never seen them so elegantly presented as they are here. Even better, the Nato straps are interchangeable, and you can purchase additional straps so that you can constantly update your look. Here’s the strap named after my home town of Southampton!

Southampton Strap

What a brilliant idea – and it makes you feel better about investing in a watch that is so versatile! Check out the site at and tell me which one is on your Christmas wish-list!

9 Dec: Ciate Mini Mani Month – Mistress


Yes! I am a massive fan of classic red nails, and this is truly a brilliant colour – and very festive, too! A tiny hint of pink, but an overall bold, brassy red – perfect for modern and vintage looks. Here’s what Ciate says: “Everyone loves and needs a classic pillar box red. It’s the ideal go-to colour if you need to get noticed no matter what you are wearing.”


I think of all the colours I’ve had so far, this is the one I’d be most likely to have purchased anyway, and it’s good to know that there’s a really good go-to red in the Ciate range for me!