12 Dec: Ciate Mini Mani Month – Twilight

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Ooo, what a dark beauty this one is! Behind door 12 is Twilight, a dark, deep, black infused with golden olive flecks. Another confession here – my friends had already raided my Ciate calendar when they popped over for tea the other day, and Lorraine actually kidnapped Twilight to wear at a wedding last weekend! By chance, she had a beautiful black and greenish gold dress that looked like it was made for this colour. Luckily, she returned it last night – just in time!


This is definitely my favourite shade so far (not including the Caviar Pearls, of course!) as it’s so unique and very pretty. Ciate’s site says: “A rich and glamorous black polish with teeny flecks of golden glitter for the ultimate after dark treat. Tremendously special.” It certainly is – love it!


2 Dec: Ciate Mini Mani Month – Dangerous Affair

2 Dec Dangerous Affair Ciate Mini Mani Month (1) 2 Dec Dangerous Affair Ciate Mini Mani Month (2)

Ooo, I love this red! Red nail varnish is definitely my thing!

2 Dec Dangerous Affair Ciate Mini Mani Month (4)

Dangerous Affair is a very rich, dark red creme – the website describes it as: “Stunningly beautiful burgundy colour. Looks fabulous with a crisp white shirt and light blue skinny jeans.”2 Dec Dangerous Affair Ciate Mini Mani Month (6)

Love that style idea – in my imagination, this is the kind of thing a glossy, carefree gal would wear on a casual lunch date with her friends, perhaps with her hair pulled into a high pony tail, minimal make-up, and a great big leather tote. I think I have an overactive imagination, maybe…

What do you guys think? I’m only two days in to this advent calendar project, and loving it!