GlossyBox UK February 2013: Round-up

I was surprised again this month by how quickly I got my GlossyBox – I wasn’t expecting it until next week! This month’s theme is Valentine’s Day, and so the box was an explosion of pink and red.

Glossybox Feb

Even the outside of the box had a special makeover for today!

Glossybox Feb inside

An amazing range of products for me this month – and I couldn’t be happier with my selection. The full sizes were a lip balm, lipstick, body cream, and highlighter, and the only sample size was the eye shadow – which is still a fairly decent size.

Glossybox Feb notes

First of all, the very important matter of the most exciting item in the box: the bonus lollipop!

Glossybox lollipop

I don’t very often purchase lollipops as part of my beauty routine, but this was packaged nicely with the GlossyBox logo on one side, and a handy clear window on the other side so you could see the item inside. The lollipop was shaped like a heart, which is a nice touch. Upon opening, it had a subtle scent of strawberries, which was very pleasant. I found this to be very tasty – sweet, crunchy, and mouth watering. After eating it, though, I couldn’t tell the immediate benefits to my complexion. I definitely think I’d need to try more of these in order to test them properly, but the only type I can purchase near me is Chupa Chups, which I don’t think will have the same effect.

Here are the details about the rest of the box:

Micabella Cosmetics: Mineral Eye Shadow in Deep Secrets. Full size is £14.95 for 2.5g. Included here is 1g.

Micabella Mineral Eye Shadow in Deep Secrets

A very pretty bronze colour – and I really like mineral powder. I can imagine this being hard to apply as the powder is very fine, but there’s a tip here to dampen your brush before applying so I’ll try that! You can see the other products in the range at

Balance Me: Rose Otto Body Cream. Full size is £6 for 30ml, and £18 for 200ml. Included here is 30ml.

Balance Me Rose Otto Body Cream

The rose scent is very strong and the cream feels pretty rich on application – it contains aloe vera, rosehip and camellia oils, along with the fragrance of rose otto oil. There’s not much you can really say about a skin cream, but this is actually really nice and feels very silky. Perfect for Valentine’s Day! You can find out more

Figs and Rouge: Rambling Rose Lip Balm. £3.49 for 8ml, which is included in the box.

Figs and Rogue Rambling Rose

I absolutely love the packaging of this product! It’s adorable! In fact, the whole range from Figs and Rouge is exquisitely designed, and I’ll definitely be purchasing more in the future. The lip balm itself is decent, although seems to sit on the surface of the skin for a while before absorbing properly. The rose scent is very strong on this too – you can almost taste it when you put it on! It’s not my favourite scent, but I will definitely pick up some others from this brand, if just for how gorgeous they look! Check them out at

Miners Cosmetics: Lip Colour in Seduction. £3.99 for 4g, which is included in this box.

Miners Cosmetics Lip Colour in Seduction

Seduction is a rich and bold colour with a smooth application – although I found that it fades to a strong pink colour, which means it needs to be topped up. Certainly not bad for £3.99! I love this dramatic, deep red – it’s very Valentine’s Day friendly! Visit the site at

MEMEME Cosmetics: Beat the Blues in Oyster Gold. £5.50 for 12ml, which is included in this box.

MEMEME Cosmeticas Beat the Blues Oyster Gold

As a fan of Benefit’s High Beam, I was interested to get this in my box, which looks a bit like a more shimmery version of their Sun Beam formula. Being very pale, I don’t usually go in for bronzers or gold-tinted highlighters, so I’ll be testing this out to see if I should be changing all that! It would have been ace to have had this for the Christmas season, as I love a bit of gold and sparkle during the winter months – but I guess it can just as easily translate into a sun-kissed summer look too! Find more at

So, that’s the Valentine’s Day GlossyBox for me – I couldn’t have asked for more, really. Great range of products, all things that I use already but in either much loved shades or ones I’m interested to try out. And I guess you could even pull the three cosmetics items together to make a Valentine’s Day look if you wanted! I’m definitely pleased to have a more make up centric box this month.

Visit to subscribe for your monthly beauty box!

GlossyBox: Roger & Gallet Flash Box UK

I’ve only been a subscriber to GlossyBox for a few months, so I’m still really excited about the concept – meaning I jumped on the chance to order the limited edition Roger & Gallet flash box when I got the email this month!

Roger and Gallet flash box card 2

Inside the box was a range of goodies, including a bottle of fragrance, dry oil, shower gel, body lotion, and soap.

Roger and Gallet flash box card 3

Even though I have no problem with sachets, it was actually nice to get a box through that just contained proper, bottled products.

Roger and Gallet flash box contents

Since receiving the box, I’ve tried everything except the soap and the oil, and I love the heady fragrance and quality of these products so much that I’m sure I’ll be purchasing full-sized products at some point, particularly as they’re so easy to source (see below).

Roger and Gallet flash box shower gel

The shower gel is very thick, clear and colourless, but creates beautifully dense foam, with a sunny, heady scent that lasts all day. This is the kind of shower gel that works really well no matter what the season – the floral fragrance lifts you in the winter months, but still contains enough of summer to mean you can use it even on bright, sunny days, too, without feeling like the scent is too stuffy or cloying.

Roger and Gallet flash box body lotion

The same scent features in the body lotion, which is a great thickness in my opinion – slightly runny, and easily absorbed into the skin.

Roger and Gallet flash box fragrance

And you can further layer it with the eau fraiche, as all of these products are from the Fleur D’Osmanthus range. This really is one of the nicest fragrances I’ve had in a GlossyBox since I started, so I was thrilled to be able to layer it with all these samples!

Roger and Gallet flash box oil

Then there’s the Bois d’Orange huile sublime dry oil – I’ve not tried this yet, as my skin and hair are quite oily to start with, and adding oil on top seems like a recipe for disaster to me! I will give it a go when I feel brave enough, though – you’re supposed to apply to dry hair and skin.

Roger and Gallet flash box soap

Finally, the citron scented soap – not much to say about this one yet, except I love the embossing on the top! Okay, that’ll disappear after the first few uses, but it’d be lovely to break out a full-sized bar of this for the bathroom when you have visitors around!

View the Roger & Gallet flash box Flickr set here. You can buy Roger & Gallet products from Marks and Spencer here (make sure you check out the fragrance, which is reduced in the sale!). Finally, visit GlossyBox online to subscribe or purchase the flash box here!

Roger and Gallet flash box ribbon detail 1

(Psst, don’t forget, UK readers can enter my competition to win 12 share bags of Popchips here!)

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GlossyBox UK January 2013: Round-up

GlossyBox UK Jan '13

It’s that time again, time for another GlossyBox review! The boxes were dispatched yesterday, so I was really surprised to get mine through already – I usually end up getting mine last!
GlossyBox UK Jan '13

Not surprisingly, the theme for this month is ‘Detox’, and my box contains some great products to help me do just that!

GlossyBox UK Jan '13

There are two face masks, a 3-in-1 cleanser which you can also use as an exfoliant and mask, a lip balm, face tonic, and a neat little eye mask too!

GlossyBox UK Jan '13

Click on the pic above to be taken to Flickr, where you can view this image in a larger size if you want to read the text!

So, here are the details about what was included:

Premae Skincare: Balance Rescue Face Tonique. Full size is 50ml (£27.50). The size included here was 30ml. This is for mattifying and rejuvenating congested skin, so a perfect match for me. The antiseptic lemongrass and sandalwood oil is supposed to close pores without leaching natural oils.

Monu: Renu Flash Relax Mask. 100ml (£32). The size here is 30ml. This is a ‘detox’ mask with Ginseng, magnesium, and vitamins C and B5, to reduce fine lines and promote natural radiance. It’s paraben free, too.

Jason: Lips Bee Healthier. 4.6g is £1.99 – included in the pack. A therapeutic blend of beeswax, vitamin E, green tea extract, organic aloe vera gel, shea butter and almond oil to moisturise and condition lips in the harsh winter months. This is actually a lovely product that I’ve tested already – you can never have too many lip balms, in my opinion!

Vichy: Normaderm 3in1 cleanser. 125ml is £11. The size here was 50ml. This multi-purpose product contains glycolic and salicylic acids and 25% clay in order to cleanse problem skin – another one that seems to be custom added for me! You can either use this as a cleanser like normal, or you can leave on your size for 5 minutes before washing off.

Sanctuary Spa: Active Reverse Thermal Transformation Mask. Full size is £27.50 for 50ml of ‘step 1’ and 75ml of ‘step 2’. The product included here is a sample sachet size for one application. Firstly, you smooth the peptide transformation serum over your cleansed face and neck. Then, you add the thermal rose clay mask layer, allow to heat up, then leave to cool naturally for around 15 minutes before removing with warm water. I remember using heated clay masks before as a kid, so I wonder whether this will be any different!
GlossyBox UK Jan '13
Head on over to to find out more about these products, and the monthly samples box scheme!

GlossyBox December 2012: Round-up

This Saturday, I got home to find my GlossyBox waiting for me by my patio doors – and what a box it was!
December 2012 UK GlossyBox

Inside was a great range of products, and the cosmetics were all in colours I definitely would have picked for myself.

December 2012 UK GlossyBox

December 2012 UK GlossyBox

For example, a full-sized bottle of Seche nail varnish in Portobello! I can’t wait to try this shade out (although, I’ll have to, because I’m still deep in my Ciate Mini Mani Month…). I knew Seche produced a renowned top coat that beauty bloggers love, but I didn’t know they didn’t have a colour range – until now. I expect big things, so stay posted for a review!

December 2012 UK GlossyBox

There was also a lovely red, full sized lippy from Sleek in Stiletto – very festive.

A-MYD3GCUAA8o0A.jpg large

Matches my red reindeer jumper perfectly!

December 2012 UK GlossyBox

This pretty pink blusher was a ‘bonus’ item, produced for GlossyBox by Kryolan – a professional make-up company. The shade is called Glossy Rosewood – I’m a massive pink blusher addict, so I can’t wait to try this one out properly.

December 2012 UK GlossyBox

There was also a body cream from Rituals, a company I’ve not looked into much, but I know people rave about. Not tried this properly yet, but it smells amazing.

I also got a sample of Lemon by Mary Greenwell, which seems to have mixed reviews – some people reckon it smells like detergent, but I think it’ll come into its own in spring. It does smell very lemony, which isn’t a bad thing, but maybe it’s a bit too ‘fresh’ to be appreciated in winter…

December 2012 UK GlossyBox

Finally, some samples of the uber expensive face cream Argentum, which is so pricey I have no idea how I would even bring myself to purchase it, even if it did work miracles. Like the Wei Black Soy face mask from last month, I almost feel too scared to use it. I already lust after clothes I can’t afford, never mind skin care…

December 2012 UK GlossyBox
December 2012 UK GlossyBox

I’ve got to go to my husband’s work Christmas party on Friday, so maybe I’ll break it out then and see what it can do! Anyone else tried this yet?

You can get your GlossyBox here, at!

My first GlossyBox: November 2012

I recently heard about GlossyBox after trawling through lots of different beauty blogs, so I had to try it out myself! The company offers a monthly delivery of a range of beauty samples for a set price (£12.95 per month, but there are a range of cheaper options for longer subscription times), with different themes and random contents every month. I love surprises, and I love trying new things, so it sounded right up my street!


Here’s my first delivery! The first thing I noticed is that these things really are packaged incredibly beautifully – in a patterned cardboard box for postage, and inside, a tough gift box, tied with a ribbon. Gorgeous!

I got the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (which I actually used to use, so am very happy to receive again to see whether it still works on my skin), the Alison Clare mango body butter (used already, very nice smell, and thick formula – although you need to squeeze quite  hard to get it out of the bottle!), the Dr. Jart Water Fuse Beauty Balm (never would have tried this product, but I’m very intrigued to see whether it’ll work for me), the Porchester Square Nails Inc varnish, and the Wei Beauty face treatment pad! Looking online, it seems like not many people got the face treatment pad, so I’m very honoured (especially as this is a full sized product, and very pricey).

Check back another day for my review of the Wei Black Soy treatment pad, and my thoughts on the other products in the box.