How to stave off hunger during a diet

The two biggest enemies to a restricted diet are boredom, and hunger. There are loads of tips about distracting yourself to stave off boredom, but hunger pangs are harder to ignore. However, there is an easy way to combat them in advance – and that’s with psyllium husks.

Sounds scary and scientific, right? Or like some kind of quack quick-fix? Actually, all it is is indigestible fibre, which bulks out your tummy, filling you up before a meal and making those calories stretch further. The husks are completely harmless – I’ve done some research and can find nothing negative about them whatsoever – provided you take them as per the instructions. These instructions are really simple – take two, 30-60 minutes before a meal, with at least 250ml water. The water is important, because these husks are dried, and expand with the water to create bulk in your tummy.

As I’m a curious bunny, when I got my husks, I decided to break one open into the water to find out what was actually inside them before I put them inside my body! When you crack open the plastic capsule, inside is sand-coloured powder. Drop that powder into a glass of water, and the powder forms a thick gel. That’s what will keep you feeling full, and that’s why these are so handy for dieters who find themselves defeated by hunger, especially at the beginning of a diet.

You can buy these in the UK from Holland and Barrett, and there are very often offers or deals going on for them there. At the moment, you can buy two packs for £12.06, which should last a couple of months.

Whatever you do, don’t use these as a way of skipping meals altogther – you need to eat a meal 30-60 mins after taking these. This is not a meal substitute.