Nailed it! Dotty manicure with Nails Inc Porchester Square and Ciate Minis

When I saw this pin on Pinterest a while ago, I knew I had to make my own version! Creating using dotting tools, this simple manicure doesn’t take too much skill to create, but it certainly makes an impact. So, I ordered some tools from eBay, and got to work…


Thanks to Ciate’s Mini Mani Month, I had plenty of colours to choose from, so I decided to layer my Porchester Square mini from Nails Inc (which I got in my first GlossyBox back in November) with dots from Dangerous Affair, Power Dressing and Cookies and Cream.

First of all, I painted my nails with Porchester Square (really good formula, only needed one coat!) and then, when it dried, I dipped the largest dotting tool into my first colour, and just blobbed circles of varnish on the nail. A tip for this is to not use too much, as you end up with a raised bump of paint which takes forever to dry, and looks a bit weird. Dab on one colour, then allow to dry before placing the second – the paints will mix otherwise. And, it looks really cool if you can overlap some too!

Dotty nails

Here’s the finished product! I thought this was fun – and the colours really worked well together too, but of course, you can use any scheme you like for a special event. I’ll definitely be doing this again.

Anyone else tried the dotty manicure?

My first GlossyBox: November 2012

I recently heard about GlossyBox after trawling through lots of different beauty blogs, so I had to try it out myself! The company offers a monthly delivery of a range of beauty samples for a set price (£12.95 per month, but there are a range of cheaper options for longer subscription times), with different themes and random contents every month. I love surprises, and I love trying new things, so it sounded right up my street!


Here’s my first delivery! The first thing I noticed is that these things really are packaged incredibly beautifully – in a patterned cardboard box for postage, and inside, a tough gift box, tied with a ribbon. Gorgeous!

I got the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (which I actually used to use, so am very happy to receive again to see whether it still works on my skin), the Alison Clare mango body butter (used already, very nice smell, and thick formula – although you need to squeeze quite  hard to get it out of the bottle!), the Dr. Jart Water Fuse Beauty Balm (never would have tried this product, but I’m very intrigued to see whether it’ll work for me), the Porchester Square Nails Inc varnish, and the Wei Beauty face treatment pad! Looking online, it seems like not many people got the face treatment pad, so I’m very honoured (especially as this is a full sized product, and very pricey).

Check back another day for my review of the Wei Black Soy treatment pad, and my thoughts on the other products in the box.