In search of… The Perfect Slipper Shoe

Ever since I saw the debut of Issa’s amazing collaboration with Banana Republic, I was intrigued by the Zebra striped kimono dress – even more so once I saw it in this picture – and with these beautiful shoes! Once it sold out, well… I was even more certain I wanted one!

Luckily, I’ve managed to bag myself one of these dresses (and not by paying scalpers on eBay – a lovely Facebook friend offered to post me a Tall version from the US), so now I just need to track down similar looking shoes. I really love the idea of slipper shoes, and this version with high heels just knocked me for six. I still haven’t found a simple pair of black velvet slipper shoes at a price I like, with the heel height I’m after, but in the meantime, I’ve found some interesting options online…

In Search Of The Perfect Slipper Shoe
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Studded Slipper Shoes

I’ve fallen in love with the slipper shoe trend! I’m a massive fan of ballet flats, and these are a great, updated version! Check out this little collection I made at Polyvore:

Studded Slipper Shoes

Creeper shoes, £25 / London Rebel kitten heels, £32 / River Island slipper shoes / Flat shoes, £35 / Slipper shoes