Hunter Wellies for Autumn

It’s autumn, my favourite time of year! Bonfire night, Halloween, pumpkins, casseroles, hot apple cider, golden leaves, sunny, crisp walks… What’s not to like? Last year I did a post about my favourite wellies of the season, and this year I went out and actually bought a pair (or two!).

When it comes to classic wellington boots, Hunter is the go-to brand. Once the realm of farmers and country folk, since Kate Moss donned a pair at a festival, the Hunter brand exploded.

Known now for their fashionable status as much as their quality, a pair of Hunter wellies can be found by anyone’s back step, from royalty to farm hands to Chelsea yummy mummies!


Thanks to their new status as a fashion icon, Hunter have expanded their range, introducing new colours, styles and ways to customise your own pair, including these awesome Hunter socks (c/o Country Attire). I decided to pick out a fairly plain pair of side adjustable black matte wellies, also from Country Attire, as the site has an amazing range of Hunters at great prices.

Hunter Wellies

(Prices correct at August 2014)

As you can see from the above, Hunter have an incredible range! However, I really wanted a very versatile pair that would go with anything – hence the black, and hence the adjustable sides, which allow room for baggier trousers or thicker material. To keep my toes warm for the upcoming festivities – including bonfire nights, Christmas fairs and long snowy walks – I plumped for a pair of panther black welly socks, which have an awesome furry top! (Check out Country Attire’s full range of Hunter welly socks here!) One of my wellington boot fantasies actually includes a pair of glossy red Hunters topped with a pair of cream cable knit welly socks – the perfect Christmas morning walk combo, but let’s just say, I already have two pairs of Hunters now, so any more at this point borders on lunacy. (Aka, we’ll wait and see…)

Also, Duchess of Cambridge fans take note, Country Attire also carries Le Chameau wellies – Kate has previously worn the Vierzonord style, I think in olive. As well as this, the site carries other brands the Duchess favours, including Barbour, Sebago, Ted Baker and Penelope Chilvers!

I’m planning another post with my new wellies in action, so make sure to check it out later this week!

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Weight loss begins again: Boossh and Sweaty Betty

Summer’s over, and despite best laid plans (which are invariably dreamed up reading health mags, and involve yoga on the beach, eating salads, playing tennis in the sunshine and the like), it might be that perhaps I’ve gained a few more (cough) pounds than I’ve liked. So, it’s back on the weight loss train for me – and I thought I’d share some of the things I’m doing to speed up the process.


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Always go full brogue

You learn something new every day. I didn’t know this, but there are degrees of brogueness…


Full Brogue

This style is called the full brogue with wingtips, if you want to be all technical about it… I love brogues and have this style in navy from French Sole (available in black here), and in nude from Dune (available in various colours here). There’s just something really awesome about a nice pair of brogues!

What about you? Do you like to go full brogue?

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FFF’s Guide to Marseille: La Maison du Pastis


(St Ives Grab Bag, Modalu (past season) / DKNY 4109 sunglasses, c/o

One of the specialties of the south of France is pastis, an aniseed liqueur which is usually diluted in chilled water and consumed as an aperitif. Pastis grew in popularity following the ban of absinthe and anise in 1915 – bartenders would concoct their own blends of a similarly tasting tipple and offer these illegal drinks under the bar to enthusiastic customers.


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FFF’s Guide to Marseille: La Cuisine du Môle Passédat, MuCEM


One of the jewels in Marseille’s crown is the brand new €191m museum, MuCEM, which sits on the seafront of the city, not far from the picturesque Vieux Port, which is the main hub of the old town. This beautiful building houses exhibits depicting the history of the city and the Mediterranean, cultural artifacts and the like, and is well worth a day of exploring. One of the highlights for me, though, was Gérald Passédat’s bistro, La Cuisine du Môle Passédat.


Gérald Passédat is a Michelin starred chef, whose menus are priced appropriately to his level of expertise. His main restaurant, Le Petit Nice, is located up the coast in Marseille and has been awarded three Michelin stars. If you don’t have the cash for €200 menus, though, you can still experience a little bit of his kitchen magic at an affordable price. €21.50, to be exact.


DKNY 4109 sunglasses, c/o

This is the price for the cold buffet (and dessert!) at La Cuisine du Môle Passédat, which is located on the roof of MuCEM, and right next to La Table du Môle Passédat – another of Passédat’s pricier restaurants. The queues start early for La Cuisine, and once you’re inside it’s easy to see why. The complimentary loaf of bread is just the start of the delicious spread on offer.


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