Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is coming (7 Feb) and I’m looking forward to it because I plan to celebrate in the only way I know how – making and eating a load of food. I’m going to use it as an excuse to try out some new recipes I’ve not made before – I’m sure that there are plenty of traditional foods (like mochi is for New Year in Japan), but I haven’t researched at all yet. I do know Jiaozi dumplings are a traditional food, so maybe they’ll be on the cards – they’re always popular round here!

There are plenty of great recipes in Fushia Dunlop’s two books – Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook and Sichuan Cookery – so I’m going to have a flick through them at the weekend if I get a chance.

I absolutely love dim sum, but of course, you can’t cook that at home. The latest dish I had was from Oriental City’s food court – a real foodie heaven if you’re into Asian cuisine. I have no idea what the dish is called, but it was a delicious, slippery noodle-like sheet, wrapped around fried dough, with Hoisin sauce as a dip. I loved it, although my friends really didn’t like the slippery texture of the outer layer.

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