Hello autumn!

Autumn feels like my season. Ever get that with a season? Something about it just makes me feel like I’m coming home. It helps that my birthday is in October, but I love the fact that autumn is a real season of celebration. Halloween, harvest, bonfire night, Thanksgiving – even Christmas, although it’s obviously in winter, is ever-present. The crisp air of a sunny, cold day, the colour of the leaves, the smell of bonfire smoke. Ah, I love autumn.

Sugar pumpkin

I bought a couple of beautiful sugar pumpkins at the farmer’s market last month – I love having pumpkins and gourds on my windowsill all through autumn and winter, but when I saw this recipe in Good Food magazine this month, I had to eat it. A whole mini pumpkin, stuffed with garlic and thyme infused cream and milk, with a generous helping of parmesan cheese? Yes please!

Hello autumn!

I ate this for lunch and it was really good, but way too much for me. And I felt like a slug afterwards. But, you know, it was still totally delicious and I don’t regret a thing, except maybe my thighs…

Hello autumn! I’ve missed you!

9 thoughts on “Hello autumn!

    • distractedgourmet says:

      That’s why I had to eat mine for lunch… Mind you, if you can taste the pumpkin around the cheese and cream, you have great tastebuds… this is more about making a nest for disgusting amounts of dairy products, I reckon!


  1. distractedgourmet says:

    I think the pumpkin is the added ingredient here! If I made this again, I’d definitely try to reduce the amount of filling. Problem is, it looks so nice filled to the top!


    • distractedgourmet says:

      Maybe! I don’t know how small they are, though. This one was fairly small as well. You could also try doing it with squash because they’re normally smaller.

      Susan, you’ve been reading my mind! I’ve had a real hankering for a spicy coconut based soup for ages – I can picture it with delicious golden-tinged cubes of pumpkin floating around in it… Mmm!


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