The Skinny on Six Weeks to OMG


There’s been a lot of hype in the media about a new weight loss book on the market; Six Weeks to OMG. After hearing some of the wacky tips it gives out, I decided to read the book for myself – let’s face it, looking st anything through the lens of The Daily Mail is a recipe for misinformation. So, I downloaded the book, £4.99, and read the whole thing in a day. My verdict was that it wasn’t all as crazy as it sounded, but there were still some things there that sounded a bit dubious to me. So, I logged onto Amazon to read the reviews, and to be honest, I came back feeling even more doubtful. I’m not dumb enough to make accusations, but at least one of the reviews there was calling ‘fake’ on the majority of the other reviews, claiming that they sounded very similar and that they were probably made up. I’d ask you to judge for yourselves.


Anyway, the major elements of the plan seem sound to me, so I’m setting myself up as a human guinea pig to see if any of this actually works. I’ll be reporting back on my progress as I go along… If anyone else wants to join in, please feel free to share your progress!

4 thoughts on “The Skinny on Six Weeks to OMG

  1. Hollie says:


    Just been reading your blog and thought Id let you know my progress – since I started last Weda I’ve lost 2lbs and 7oz (6days). I don’t do it all by the letter but this is what I do on a day to day basis –
    Coffee x 2
    Exercise (if poss)
    Cold shower
    Wait 3 hours
    Eat (1/2 plate protein)
    Drink 2 cups of green tea
    Eat again once or twice in the day with emphasis on protein
    Exercise when possible 

    Seems to be working and I’m not hungry except in the morning! No balloons for me – although my tummy is my problem area for me! I’ll be trying Pilates for that 😉


    • distractedgourmet says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Hollie, it’s interesting to hear the POV of someone else who is on the plan!
      Personally, I had a great weekend – and by that, I mean I demolished half a tub of ice cream with my husband, ate a Chinese takeaway (including a bag of prawn crackers, although I didn’t have rice or noodles), then on Sunday I had a cooked breakfast, plus about a cup of rice and a packet of popcorn in the evening. However, apart from that I’ve been keeping low carbs, and I’ve been doing around an hour’s worth of exercise a day (stepping / exercise bike), and I still managed to lose 1lb since I’ve started, which is less than a week. This week is a very stressful and hectic time for my work, so I’m finding it incredibly challenging to keep up the hunt and wait, but I’m maintaining low carbs and exercise, so I hope the weight will carry on coming off… I guess I’ll wait and see what happens at the end of the week!


  2. Justine Guest says:

    I love a book that doesn’t let a little things like ‘facts’ get in the way of a sales pitch. Did you know you burn more calories when your body is hot trying to get cold. To burn 400 calories in the cold, you’d need to shiver for an hour…. hello, hypothermia, just getting skinny.

    Don’t get started on the rest of silliness….. don’t make this man rich – isn’t it enough that his last ‘diet’ caused liver and kidney damage, what next????


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