People Tree: Marie Fleece Wrap Cardigans

Ever love an item of clothing so much you’ll pay full price for it, twice? I’m not saying “no regrets”, but I definitely didn’t think twice purchasing both colour versions of this amazing fleece wrap cardi from People Tree. Not at the same time, I add – I’m not nuts (or wildly rich). But sometimes, when you get yourself a winner and you just know you’ll be wearing it for years, investing in another colour just makes sense!

People Tree
First of all, it’s fleece, so it’s warm, and not too formal looking. Secondly, I love the kimono style and the cinched waist because of the belt. Thirdly, the grey version especially is a win-win for me – no cat hair shows up! Ah, the glam life…
Anyway, good news is, this is currently on sale for half price at People Tree, for £32.50. I heartily recommend this very versatile jacket – every time I’ve worn it, I’ve been complimented on it! Now that’s how you can tell a good item of clothing…

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