5 Dec: Ciate Mini Mani Month – Cabaret

Untitled Untitled Untitled

Aah, I really love those bows… Do you think everything would be better with a little bow on it? Looking around my study: Coca Cola can – yes. Computer screen – yes. iPad – yes. Keyboard – yes. Cat – yes! Could it be, I am onto something? Let me wander further… hmm, the bathroom. Toilet – err… Okay, I give up. Bows have their place in life – and I definitely think they look like they belong on these pretty Ciate bottles!


Onto the colour! Today, it’s another creme – Cabaret! The website says: “Creamy purple with lashings of pink. The perfect mix of cuteness and sophistication. Incredible when paired with dark suits for stylish work wear.”

I love these style tips from Ciate, it really adds something to the description and lets your imagination run wild. Cabaret is also the colour paired with the Berry Poncho Velvet Manicure Set, which is sold out (boo!). I’d love to try the velvet one day – I have the Blue Suede version, but I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Let’s say, I’ve had my hands full trying all these other shades. HO HO HO!


In other news, yesterday I tweeted a picture of my Prom Queen Caviar Manicure to @ciatenails – and won a matching Paint Pot! Every day this month the company is giving away a matching Paint Pot – all you have to do is tweet your photo to them and add #minimanimonth. Great fun! I hope everyone gets a chance to join in so we can all see your lovely nails!

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