Carols in Cov

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas Day! I’ve been with my husband’s family near Coventry, and we’ve been doing all kinds of great Christmas activities. We have a Boxing Day panto to go to today, and we went to sing carols in Coventry Cathedral on Christmas Eve!


It was great to belt out some classics in good company! My mother in law is a great singer in the choir (very often featured on Songs of Praise!) so we got the best seats in the house, right at the front near the singers and orchestra. The empty seats are where they were sitting, but they nipped off to sing the final song from the edges of the seating area at the end.


I have to admit, I’m not a fan of the rebuilt cathedral, but it is very dramatic inside…


And, at the end, we were all given candles to hold – I honestly can’t remember what the significance of that was, but it was festive all the same! Plus, we got to blow them out in unison after a countdown, which was weirdly fun. And a bit smelly – but I love the smell of candle smoke, so I thought it was great!

Merry Christmas everyone! Let me know seasonal activities you’ve been taking part in during the holidays!

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