Whiteley Hats

My visit to Ascot Ladies’ Day has renewed my love of hats – even though, quite blasphemously, I wasn’t wearing one on the day! (It was actually a floral headpiece, so there!). So when I spied a bunch of Whiteley hats on sale at John Lewis, I of course had to model a few in the interests of science. Whiteley has been made famous by the Duchess of Cambridge, of course, she of the many hats, and I have to say some of my favourite items of hers are either by Whiteley or Lock & Lock. Sadly, the latter is somewhat out of my price range – but trying on hats is free no matter where they’re from, right?


This looks to be a pink version of Kate’s famous swirl hat, which she has in brown, although this one is actually a slightly different shape. I LOVED this hat, and I plan to get the brown version as soon as it’s available (stalking it here).

A lot of people (including myself) get nervous about wearing hats with elastic, but if you match the elastic to your hair colour, it’s perfectly acceptable to have the band showing:


Or, if you want to wear your hair down, you can still do so with these hats – what I did was just put my hair up, place the hat, and then remove the band from my ponytail:


This side-view shows what’s happening with the band:


This hat I thought was rather unsuccessful…:


This one is very good for those that want to wear something a bit more subtle:


It’s a pretty versatile shape and colour, and I think was only about £40-45. Also, it sits on a comb, which some people are more comfortable with, although I really prefer headbands for my hats!

However, this one was my out-and-out favourite:



It looks very similar to the black one the Duchess of Cambridge has worn on a few occasions, but has a rounded top rather than a straight edge like hers (but I fully intend to make that one mine as well, so of course it wouldn’t do to have two the same style, would it?!).


As the hat was £42 in the sale (reduced from £85), I decided it would be rude not to buy it, and so I now have yet another hat to add to my collection of hats I have nowhere to wear. I am thinking of starting a hat club just to give people a reason to wear them… Who is in?!

Whiteley hats available in store and online from John Lewis and other retailers: see http://www.whiteley-hat.co.uk/ for more.

6 thoughts on “Whiteley Hats

  1. Sophie says:

    I love your article! So funny to launch a club of ladies who buy hats but don’t know where they will wear them…the first and the last ones look great on you! I also intend to buy the Whiteley hat once it is online…unfortunately we don’ t have the Lock and Lock brand in France…I hope I’ll wear it at my sister’s wedding…in France we unfortunately don’t have that many occasions to wear hats…
    I used to live in Bristol and John Lewis was one of my fav’…
    Bye for now,


    • Food, Fash, Fit says:

      Ha ha, thanks! I LOVED the pink one, but I know I’ll never have anything to match it, so I had to leave it… The teal, of course, so much easier to match to an outfit (rolls eyes). Sounds like you’ll look stylish at your sister’s wedding! Sadly I haven’t been to anyone’s wedding but my own for years, so all these hats were bought in vain! I’ll definitely have to start Hat Club. First rule of Hat Club: you must talk about Hat Club. ALL THE TIME!


  2. Olivia says:

    I hope you find an occasion to wear your new teal hat. It looks lovely on you! You’ve inspired me to consider buying a hat even though I’ve never worn before…if only to join hat club!


  3. Paul Steven Baker says:

    Nice article and always good to see a nice piece on us, keep up the good work 😀

    If you need any further info on us or any of the hats you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to contact me.



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