Wilbur & Gussie: A/W 2013 picks

My love of Wilbur & Gussie started after I saw a certain Duchess carrying the Charlie Gold Glitter clutch on tour in Malaysia. Of course, I had to nab myself one (with a 10% discount for my first order!) and it wasn’t long that before I knew it, I ended up with a Coco clutch in black velvet with an elephant clasp, and my personal favourite, a Charlie in raw navy silk with a red and gold ship on the fastening. So, I think it’s fair to say I’m a bit of a fan…

With that in mind, I rounded up some of the best bags in Wilbur & Gussie’s current collection – with a nod, of course, to where it all started for me!

Wilbur & Gussie selection A/W 2013
There’s just something about those quirky designs – the clasps, the fabric – that make me love Wilbur & Gussie… And of course, the fact that the name of the company is based on the founders’ (Brett Tyne and Lucy Lyons) pets is just awesome!
Square logo initials

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