A starry night manicure for Halloween

I love Halloween, and I usually spend most of October getting ready for it – can you tell? While Halloween itself is but one day a year, you can still let a little magic into your life this month with this pretty matte navy and gold mani, originally inspired by this Pin I found, which sadly leads nowhere now! The thing I like about this look is that it’s smart enough to be worn any time of year, but still has that special spooky something if you want to show some Halloween love without resorting to the obvious green, orange and black.

Halloween manicure OPI

Creating this look couldn’t be easier – you just need a dark blue colour, plus a top coat with gold flecks, and a matte finish. I used OPI’s Keeping Suzi At Bay, The Man With The Golden Gun, and Matte Top Coat.

Halloween manicure OPI

All I did was layer on one coat of Suzi (top), then two of Golden Gun (left), and then one of the Matte (right). I don’t know whether I prefer it glossy or matte, because either way I totally love this look! It took me ages to decide which blue to get, because usually I end up with a dark navy that winds up just looking black on my nails. But this colour is deep and beautiful, with a pretty pigment that’s perfect for autumn and winter!

Halloween manicure OPI

So, whether you’re celebrating Halloween, Bonfire Night, or any other wintery holiday, I think this is a great look that’s  opulent, classic and stylish all at the same time. Though, I still fall in love with pretty much any colour topped with The Man With The Golden Gun, so I may be biased!

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8 thoughts on “A starry night manicure for Halloween

    • Food, Fash, Fit says:

      OPI have released a similar gold and silver one for the holidays as part of the Mariah Carey collection (called Pure), but I prefer The Man With The Golden Gun!


  1. Rust and Flour says:

    Wow, that matte polish looks really matte! Is it just on the photo or is it actually that matte? I’m asking because I tried the H&M one and Topshop one before and they’re both not really matte, they still reflect the light and look very shiny.


    • Food, Fash, Fit says:

      Yes, it sucks away all of the gloss and sheen and you end up with just the smooth, matte surface you see here. I know what you mean, I tried a matte topcoat ages ago and it just came out streaky and a bit weird. This OPI one works perfectly on everything I’ve tried it with so far – Burberry, other OPI stuff, Revlon, Maybelline. It even works on other topcoats like Seche Vite and glitters!


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