Mulberry Pointed Flats And Me: Together At Last!

At the end of 2013, I got a little bit obsessed by Mulberry’s pointed signature ballerinas. As usual, I waited for a sales bargain, but somehow I completely missed the start of the sale and by the time I got my act together, they had sold out in my size. Not even Mulberry’s helpful customer service department could track any down (there were a pair at Heathrow, apparently! Hmm!). So, I purchased the gorgeous high heeled versions (which I love!) – but I live in flats, so my wistful lusting wasn’t sated… Until I saw a mention of the shoes in the Mulberry section of Purseblog’s forum, that is! Turns out, had some in stock… Not only that, but they were at sale prices. Not only that, but they were in my size. Not only that, but they had both pairs I was hankering after! NOT ONLY THAT, but there was a 10% off code as well! My goodness…

I’ve been wearing my gorgeous leopard print, calf hair pair nonstop since they arrived. (I keep thinking of Jenna Lyons’ quote: “As far as I’m concerned, leopard is a neutral”. Wise words. Wise words.) What is it about calf hair and leopard print? It just goes so well!

I think these will need to be surgically removed from my feet in time for next week’s bag and shoes post…

Find Kafka’s site here, although there are limited sizes still left in stock for this style – but loads of other gorgeous Mulberry shoes on sale! (Pst, the code is kafka10).

Plus, if anyone tries to steal my handbag, they’re the perfect angle for a good bum-kicking!


(Please tell me I’m not the only one who refers to pointed toe shoes as ‘my bum kicking shoes’?)

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