Friday Lust List: Daniel Wellington Watch

For most of my adult life, I haven’t worn a watch. Until very recently, I didn’t even wear bracelets, because I didn’t like the feeling of something on my wrist. But Baublebar and Kate Spade have fuelled my passion for bracelets, and what is a watch really apart from a bracelet with a pretty useful function?!

Daniel Wellington watches have been on my radar for a while now, as I’ve seen them pop up on a few blogs from time to time. I loved the concept of the interchangeable NATO straps, so when I saw them on sale at Connaught House I decided it was about time to take the plunge!

Daniel Wellington Watches

You can purchase the watch in a variety of combinations, including leather straps, the aforementioned NATO straps, and also in two different face sizes – and of course, in gold or silver. I plumped for gold as most of my bracelets are gold, and I think it goes better with the colours I prefer for the watch straps. I also couldn’t resist purchasing mine with the navy, white and pink strap, called ‘Southampton’, as that’s where I live (although I suspect the name refers to the US place, not dear old Blighty!).

Daniel Wellington

You can purchase Daniel Wellington watches online direct from the company here. The DW with Southampton strap is £129. I’ll leave you with some cool style inspiration from some amazing blogs!

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