Grow It Inside!

Summer’s over, the garden’s been abandoned, and now the only produce you can rely on is stuff bought in from the supermarket, right? Wrong!

Use your kitchen windowsill (or any windowsill you like!) and you can still grow a pretty wide variety of tasty treats to keep your green thumb busy during the  colder months. These were all sent to me by the kind folks at Suttons Seeds, and you can find them here!

James Wong’s Grow For Flavour range is full of great plants you’ve probably never heard of or tasted before! What’s the point of growing things you can buy for pennies at the shop when there’s a whole new world of flavours just waiting to be discovered, like this Land Seaweed?!

Equally, try out new varieties of items you’ve probably eaten umpteen times before. These micro greens will look fab atop some festive spreads, so get growing now in time for the party season. 

Make sure you leave yourself enough time for them to grow, though – these pea shoots would look great on a wintery salad of pear and blue cheese, but give yourself at least three weeks to get them grown!

Growing veggies on your windowsill is a great way to motivate yourself to eat more of them – who can resist the promise of unbelievably sweet sweet corn shoots? Not me! This is the one I’m looking forward to growing the most, because I really can’t imagine what they’ll taste like…!

And finally, it’s not just humans who benefit from a spot of indoor gardening… Your feline friend would probably love a pot of cat grass somewhere in the house, too!

Do you grow anything indoors during the colder months? Have I inspired you to check out some of the weird and wonderful seeds on offer at Suttons? Let me know in the comments!

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