Umbriah3 high heel slip on loafers Nine West, replikate for Tod's fringed leather pumps

Christmas Day Replikate: Fur Scarf and Burgundy Brogues

Replikating Kate’s 2016 Christmas Day outfit…

Hold onto your hats, this is another one of those Kate-fashion posts you didn’t ask for…

On Christmas day 2016, the Duchess of Cambridge and her family attended church near the Middleton family home. Not being royal, or in line to the throne, or important or special in any way, I was lounging around on the sofa eating chocolates at the time, wearing a terrible oversized Christmas jumper. Kate, meanwhile, was wearing a gorgeous ensemble of browns and reds – the perfect festive church-going outfit, which was chic and elegant, as well as thrifty! With her old Hobbs Celeste coat (which I’d never really warmed to), she wore a pretty red faux fur scarf, and accessorized with her red suede Mulberry Bayswater clutch, and her red Tod’s fringed leather pumps. See the wonderful What Kate Wore’s post about the outfit here.

I waited for an ID… And waited… Turns out everyone else was enjoying their Christmas day, while I was obsessively checking and double checking my Twitter feed. So, I decided to try and ID it myself, with my first stop being Really Wild Clothing, which definitely carries similar pieces. Nothing there, and nothing at Helen Moore either… So, I decided to Google ‘red faux fur collar’ and the first result that came up was this listing for an ASOS Faux Fur Mini Slot Through Collar.

ASOS faux fur mini slot through collar as seen on Duchess of Cambridge Christmas Day 2016

It looked pretty similar so I threw it out into the internet ether as a possible replikate until the real item could be found… But then I started to wonder – is this really a replikate, or is it the same item? Eventually, after the lovely Giulia from Lelepug began to wonder as well, I decided it was a pretty good bet that I’d actually stumbled upon what’s possibly the bargain Kate item of 2016 – as this scarf was just £10.50 in the sale!

Of course, I bought it straight away, because I have more money than sense (and I have very little of either going right now…), but I didn’t have anything to wear it with. So, after a tip from Lauren on Instagram, I nabbed these Nine West loafers as a fairly decent replikate for Kate’s Tod’s loafers. Lauren observed they were very plasticky, and I have to agree, but at £29 I didn’t mind too much (although for the original price of £95 I would have been very disappointed!).

Nine West Umbriah High Heel Slip on Loafers replikate for Tod's fringed leather pumps

So the hunt continues for a burgundy or brown coat to go with this ensemble… I tried the Oasis Kimberley car coat in burgundy, but the neckline was too low for the scarf to fit properly. If anyone knows any good replikates for the Hobbs Celeste, please let me know!



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