Bloomon: My Monthly Dose of Chic

There’s nothing more chic than a gorgeously curated bouquet of flowers just chilling in your living room or office.

Your visitor will admire them and make approving noises.

Your response must always be “Oh those?” Say it idly, as if you forgot they were even there. “I always have fresh flowers delivered.”

Then you might want to shrug and move on, or you may wish to caress a petal between your fingers to release the scent of fresh roses into the air, just to hammer home the point that you are awesome and so are your flowers – and by extension, you must have your shit together, because they don’t just let anyone have fresh flowers delivered left, right and centre. (Secret: they totally do.)

Your friends are impressed at your absolute sense of style and beauty. Your family are overwhelmed – how could this snotty child who ate snails and green fabric paint (true story) have grown into such a sophisticated, urban fashionista? The boiler man will not be that impressed (because he’s here to do manly things that definitely don’t involve flowers, looking at flowers, or being impressed by flowers) and the postman will say “I don’t think I’m allowed inside the house.” The supermarket delivery woman will say “Do you want these bags here, love? Oh, those are nice – do you want these frozen items straight in the kitchen?”

You can’t please everyone, but you can have fresh flowers delivered every month.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ve probably seen me banging on about Bloomon quite a bit, so I decided to channel that passion into a blog post, so maybe I’ll get it out of my system…

I’ve tried a couple of delivery services for flowers, but Bloomon just blew me away with how utterly gorgeous and unique they were. When I buy flowers from the supermarket, I prefer to keep it simple – all roses, all tulips, all daffodils, etc – colour blocking and multiple bunches of the same flower are the way to go (and I love gypsophila, but it has to be one of the most abused filler flowers in the world… STOP PUTTING IT WITH CARNATIONS). I’m no expert at flower arranging, but Bloomon makes me look like a goddamn genius.

The bouquets come in three sizes, and I always go for the large – because the bigger the better, right? I actually think the small size looks absolutely adorable, too, though, but I need to get the right vase to do it justice.

This pic neatly illustrates why I love Bloomon – this photo was taken about three weeks after my delivery, and my flowers were still going strong. I remove wilted ones as I go, and downsize my vase as needed, and usually still have a respectable display by the time my new delivery arrives!

Get your Bloomon bouquet here: If you use my link, you’ll get a free vase with your first delivery – which I think is pretty essential to getting the right look for your display. The vase in my second picture in this post is the large vase you get when you order the large bouquet (and I got mine free with a code too!), but if you order a different size, the corresponding size vase will arrive. Small bouquets are £20.95 (with free £20 vase), medium sizes are £24.95 (with free £25 vase) and large bouquets are £31.95 (with free £30 vase). You can also choose to get your deliveries weekly, fortnightly or monthly! If you get any, tag me on social media, because I’d love to see your bouquets! I cannot guarantee you’ll ever impress the boiler man, but you’ll definitely impress me…

This post contains affiliate links.

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