Snackage of the Month: March Edition

I told you guys before that I’m the queen of snacking  – and if you’re going to snack, you better make sure it’s healthy. Okay, I like to chow down on chilli crackers and pork scratchings (sorry), but sometimes you want to reach for something a bit more wholesome.

When I was asked to try out these Wellaby’s Simple Bakes I was pretty intrigued, because not only are they wholegrain, but they’re also 100% free from most common allergens including gluten, dairy, nuts and eggs. Although gluten-free has become a bit of a hipster buzz-word, I know plenty of people with gluten intolerances and allergies who have benefited from the sudden craze in these products.

These snacks prove the effectiveness of people power, because not only are they gluten-free, but they’re really addictive and super-tasty. In fact, dangerously so. I opened the salt and pepper and spicy chilli sharing packs ‘just to try’ and ended up mindlessly devouring most of them ‘for research’. These would be so good with dip at a party – but they’re also really good on their own! They also have 70% less fat than leading potato chips, so I guess… you can eat 70% more? Don’t ask me, I barely scraped a B in Maths at school.

Head to their site here, to find out more and to find your local stockist – Sainsbury’s and Morrisons carry them!

Here’s a product I never thought I’d get on board with. Bone broth. Like, beef stock? Like, an ingredient you add to soup and casseroles, but as a meal? Psh. But now I’m an enthusiastic participant – I think it was Pret a Manger carrying bone broth that finally prompted me to give it a go. I purchased a pouch of ready-made beef bone broth and some beef bones to make my own from Coombe Farm, which is a great place to buy because the beef is organic and grass-fed (and they also sell some really nice and fairly reasonably priced organic meat… and I MUST try their lamb bacon at some point!)

Beef broth isn’t devoid of calories, but it is packed with great electrolytes, essential fats, and collagen, which is great for your skin. Sometimes you fancy a snack but you’re really hankering after something savoury – and this hits the spot! I’ve been alternating between bowls of this and miso soup to get me through my afternoon slumps. I freeze it in 250ml quantities in freezer bags – I always remove all the air from liquids and stack them flat to freeze, which makes storage easier. Top tip! Then, just defrost, heat, and serve!

What have you been snacking on this month? Tell me in the comments!

(I was provided with samples of Simple Bakes for review purposes. Opinions and photography are my own.)


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