Top Tipples: Pinkster Gin

Pinkster Gin 1

It’s rapidly heading into gin and tonic season (she says, as though gin and tonic wasn’t an all-year-round drink…), so I’ve been doing my research to discover the best gins, the best tonics, and some great gin-based cocktail recipes, all so I can share them with you. Now, isn’t that generous of me?!

Pinkster Gin 2

You might remember me mentioning Pinkster gin way back in my Taste of London post, where I mentioned how much I loved the brand. Pinkster is not only a delightfully delicate and gorgeously pale shade of pink thanks to the natural addition of raspberries, but it’s also made in Cambridge with locally grown fruit – how can you resist that?! Pinkster is dry, with that hint of fruit delivered by juicy, fresh raspberries, plus that all important juniper which warms the palette. It has a fabulously smooth finish and a soft, stealthy, subtle flavour.

Pinkster makes for a unique G&T if you garnish with some raspberries and a nice bit of spanked mint – just clap it in your hands to release the aromatic oils. If you want to kick it up a notch, though, I heartily recommend making a Gin ‘n’ Jam cocktail with Pinkster’s own Gin Jam!

Pinkster Gin 3

Created by Grant, the bar manager at Fistral Beach Hotel bar in Cornwall, this is a simple cocktail but it packs so much flavour, and it’s juicy and sweet… and deadly! All my favourite things! I do love a cocktail but I hate having to stock a host of obscure liqueurs just to make them. All you need for the Gin ‘n’ Jam is 50ml of Pinkster, 10ml of lemon juice, a large spoonful of raspberry jam (extra points if it’s Gin Jam!) and crushed ice!

Simply add the ingredients to a cocktail shaker, and shake well. Add crushed ice to your glass (mine is one from Oliver Bonas, one of my many homeware weaknesses…), and a spoonful of jam on the top of the ice. Then, pour the cocktail over the top and enjoy in the garden on a sunny afternoon. I find it’s even sweeter if you’re making your other half do some weeding – because you can supervise and get tipsy at the same time. HELPING!

Pinkster Gin final

Nab yourself a bottle of Pinkster here – and check out their Gin Jam and Boozy Berries too (drizzle them both over crushed meringue and softly whipped cream for a boozy Pinkster Mess!).

Disclaimer: blog posts may contain sponsored content, affiliate links and mentions of products which have been provided to me for the purposes of review. My opinions are my own and I never feature something I don’t genuinely like or recommend.

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