Office Style: Choosing The Perfect Chair

I recently posted about my office makeover, which felt like a mammoth task – only because it’s also taken place at the same time as a lot of other house decorating and renovation. So far in the past 12 months we’ve built a summer house, had a new boiler installed, had our kitchen redone, and also completely redecorated the office, which doesn’t sound like much… Except, honestly, it’s been pretty hellish.

Food Fash Fit office interior shelves purple stocks.JPG

The entire house has been an absolute tip for months, and there’s still no real end in sight – I’m currently the proud owner of a front room oven, though, and not many people can boast that kind of feature, so it’s not all bad… (Except the oven isn’t plugged in, and it’s ugly as hell…)

White Peonies Food Fash Fit.JPG

Anyway, I promised you a big reveal of my office – and don’t worry, because that’s coming! But first of all, the reason it’s taken me so long to post this is because I’ve been patiently waiting for the delivery of my final item – the finishing touch… my perfect office chair!


Finding the perfect office chair has been a bit of a mammoth task. I knew it had to be white, or at least, an interesting colour, and an interesting shape. There are millions of office chairs out there, but there are only a handful that are beautiful as well as comfortable, and I was pretty sick of my bog-standard black fabric and plastic chair that was probably liberated from someone’s office years ago.

I spent ages searching IKEA, Argos, eBay, Dwell, Made, and the rest, looking for a sensible chair that was sturdy, good looking, and not like a clone of every other chair out there. Then I stumbled across Wayfair and I was suddenly spoilt for choice.

Wayfair makes it so much easier to find things you actually want online, whether you have a huge budget or more modest means (*ahem*). The website acts like a giant search engine of dozens of furniture shops, so you’re not jumping in and out of different websites just to search through a tiny category of one or two items from each brand. I’ll talk about them more in another post, but basically, it’s my first port of call now whenever I’m looking for something for the house!


Wayfair turned my problem of not being able to find any suitable office chairs into one of finding too many all at once – talk about spoilt for choice! Because the site pulls in items from a large number of retailers, there were scores of decent looking chairs, and in a price range that definitely suited my budget.


Once you finally have a decent selection, narrowing down your options becomes a case of working out which chair is going to provide the most support and comfort for extended periods of time. I loved this Felix Mid-Back chair by Kokoon, but it’s obviously not the kind of chair that’s going to offer long term lumbar support – it’s more of a funky occasional piece. On the top left, the Trento High-Back Executive Chair by Enduro was more my kind of style, and I love the fact it had arms, so I started to narrow down my search a little more… The Gladsaxe Mid-Back by Home & Haus and the Advocate High Back by Dynamic were both definitely along the right lines, with gorgeous lines, arm support, and plenty of padding. All-Home-Mid-Back-Leather-Desk-Chair.jpg

Then, I finally found what I was looking for all along – a comfortable, stylish, supportive and padded chair with some interesting detailing (love the chevron detailing on this!) and elegant, chrome hardware. This item is called the Mid-Back Leather Desk Chair by All Home, and I just love its thin rollerball legs, and the sweeping curved arms. Priced at £115.99 with free delivery (all items on Wayfair are delivered free), I knew it would be the perfect addition to my office – the finishing touch!

Food Fash Fit Wayfair Office chair 1

What do you think? The perfect fit! I work from home full time and I can attest to the fact that this chair is comfy and supportive, as well as fitting into my overall decor – which, let’s face it, is the main thing…

Food Fash Fit Wayfair Office chair 2

I’ll be uploading another post about Wayfair later this month, as well as my final office makeover post, which will have all the style details and retailers I used when decorating everything. Until then, let me know what your ideal office chair would look like in the comments!


Thank you to Wayfair for providing this gorgeous office chair for my post!

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