Teriyaki Burgers: Red Tractor Week Blogger Challenge

Here’s yet another Japanese recipe for Red Tractor Week – just because the produce is British, doesn’t mean the recipes have to be! I’m taking part in a challenge to share my favourite recipes containing Red Tractor products, and I picked up some beef mince from Lidl with the Red Tractor logo so I could share this recipe with you. The Red Tractor logo on your food means that the product has reached the standard set out for animal welfare, food safety, traceability, and environmental protection. Plus, it can be traced back to British farms! (See the website here for more info.)

I love making these little burgers using pork and beef mince, although you can just use beef if you prefer. As you can see, they work really well in bento or lunch boxes, but equally you can have them for dinner. I like to serve them with rice, but you can also serve them with potato wedges for a more western-style meal.

Hamburger and pepper egg

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Welsh Rarebit For Red Tractor Week

This week I’m sharing some of my favourite recipes in support of Red Tractor – the logo added to products grown or produced in Britain to their exacting standards for animal welfare, food safety and traceability! (See more here.) 

Today I’m sharing one of my favourite dairy recipes – it’s perfect for dark, rainy autumn days… Welsh rarebit!


  • 25g butter
  • 25g flour
  • 125ml milk
  • 1 tsp mustard powder
  • 225g cheese
  • 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 4-6 slices bread


Heat the butter in a saucepan until melted and then add the flour. Stir well and cook for a minute

Gradually add the milk, stirring, and heat until thickened. 

Add the mustard powder, cheese (reserving a handful for the topping) and Worcestershire sauce and heat until the cheese is melted. 

Meanwhile, toast the bread on both sides. Spread the Rarebit onto the bread, then add the grated cheese. Pop until the grill until bubbling!

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Spicy Thai Turkey Mince: Red Tractor Week Blogger Challenge

This week, Red Tractor has challenged a variety of bloggers to bust out some of their favourite recipes using Red Tractor products. I thought I’d share with you a great, zesty turkey mince recipe that you can pop in a bento or lunch box, or cook for a main course or starter!

Mono Comme Ca

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Spinach, Bacon and Onion Pizza Recipe: Feed Two For Under £2!

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know that I challenged myself to buy a week’s worth of dinners from Aldi for £20. This is the first meal I cooked from my budget shop, and it’s based on Cooking Light’s budget meal plan recipe from 2012 (I love these recipes – the pork one is amazing!)

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A Week of Budget Dinners for £20: Recipes and Tips to Save Money With Your Groceries

Before my husband and I got married, we were saving like mad to pay for the wedding and spent very little on groceries. Since then, we’ve relaxed our attitude to spending on food to the point where it started to spiral out of control! I decided to do a drastic cut-back and save as much as I could, which very serendipitously coincided with an email from the PR people handling Aldi’s account. I pitched my idea for a week of budget meals and soon a voucher for £20 arrived in the post – so that became my budget for the week! I was inspired by Miguel Barclay’s books and Instagram account where he regularly makes delicious meals for one for just £1. £20 for the week seems like child’s play – and, in fact, it really was!

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I Love Soup! Beverley Le Blanc Tells It Like It Is…

Few dishes get me as misty eyed as soup – there’s something so delightful about a lavishly prepared bowl of savoury goodness… Whether it’s a simple quick pea soup made in under half an hour, or a umami stock that’s been simmering all day, I love soup – but not carrot and coriander. That’s the devil’s brew. 

That’s why when I got a press release about Beverley Le Blanc’s new book I Love Soup, I had to ask for a copy right away!

As it’s autumn and my house is full of pumpkins and butternut squash, I decided to make this roasted butternut squash and tomato soup – I’d never had tomato in a soup like this and was really intrigued about what it would taste like. 

The soup is so simple to make – you roast the main ingredients in the oven, and then blend and purée, making a comforting yet tangy and rich bowl of happiness!

This book is full of classic recipes like stew, bouillabaisse, and even bread recipes to make some great accompaniments. You can pick it up now for £12.99 from Amazon – a great investment for the months ahead!  

Drink Your Dinner: Minted Pea Soup Recipe

The days are getting brighter, which means dinners are getting lighter! One of my favourite spring dinner recipes is this minted pea soup – it’s so easy to make but it’s super delicious (and good for you too!)

Minted Pea Soup Recipe

  • 1 bunch spring onions
  • Knob butter
  • 300 frozen peas
  • 750ml veg or chicken stock
  • Sprig mint, chopped
  • 3 tbsp crème fraîche

Slice the spring onions and fry in the butter until soft.

Add the peas, mint and stock and bring to the boil.

Simmer for five minutes and then blitz in a blender until smooth. Stir in the crème fraîche and serve!

I like to serve this up with homemade crusty white bread and butter – I made the loaf above with the New York Times no knead bread recipe and it turned out a treat!

Depending on how much bread you serve, this will feed two people as a main course, or four for a small starter.

If you want to make your soup extra special, add in some beautiful edible flowers. I got mine from Greens of Devon – they send a big collection of assorted flower heads, which you can store for a few days if you keep them cool. They’ll elevate even the simplest dish from a basic offering to a feast!

Square logo initials

Yorkshire Chorizo: That’ll Do, Pig

I think anyone in the UK should be justly proud of our produce. We’ve been the butt of rubbish jokes about British food (and teeth) for way too long thanks to people who can’t read or order properly from menus. You know, the kind of people who go to London on holiday and eat at Wetherspoons and then try to claim our cuisine is poor and uninspired.

We’ve also had this weird stigma about promoting food that isn’t necessarily native to this country as our own. Never mind that chicken tikka masala was invented here, and that curry should actually count towards our national repertoire… Never mind that we produce some of the finest cheeses and cured meats in the world…

Well, I say it’s time to celebrate all of the fantastic produce we have here, and all of the farmers, butchers, bakers and artisans who slave away to make it. And I’d like to start with this fabulous chorizo from Yorkshire, which was kindly sent to me by Chris Wildman – the chap who makes it!


Made to an authentic recipe in Skipton, North Yorkshire, this cured pork sausage is made with the finest smoked Spanish paprika and can be eaten straight from the packet, or barbecued, fried or boiled. (I cannot wait to get some of this on the BBQ when the season starts!) I thought long and hard about the best recipe to showcase the gorgeous flavours of this chorizo (and it certainly is one of the best chorizos I’ve ever had!), before deciding that simple was best.


What better combo for chorizo than some garlic and tomato? Showcasing the slick, oily paprika that oozes from the meat, this pasta sauce delivers crispy nuggets of deeply savoury pork, along with the sweet-sourness of the tomato and the heady tang of garlic. The best part is, you can make the sauce in as long a time as it takes to cook the pasta. And the second best part is that it’s so simple I don’t even need to give you a recipe…


To prepare, chop your ingredients, then put your pasta on to the boil. While it’s cooking, fry the garlic and then the chorizo in the pan with some olive oil until slightly brown. The chorizo will release some of the gorgeous paprika into the oil, and this is what makes this sauce so delicious! Then, add some chopped tomatoes and fry. The quantities are up to you – I used three large salad tomatoes and 130g of Yorkshire Chorizo for two people, but you can make a sausage stretch to four very easily by upping the amount of tomatoes in there.


When you’re done, you’ll end up with this delicious concoction – which I guess looks more like a salsa than a sauce! Top your pasta (I cooked 100g of dried spaghetti per person) with the chorizo and tomato mix, and dig in…


Or, you could try using this as a topping for bruschetta or toasted sourdough bread. Or on top of a jacket potato! Or as a sauce for some grilled chicken or salmon… It’s such a versatile recipe, and thanks to the quality of the ingredients, it’s delicious and so simple to make.

Purchase Yorkshire Chorizo at www.yorkshirechorizo.com. Because of the natural preservatives in the chorizo, it can be kept at room temperature and therefore sent via the post! Each sausage costs £7.50, including postage and packaging, and there are three flavours – garlic, original, picante, plus you can also buy Yorkshire Salami too! How will you cook your Yorkshire Chorizo?

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Valentine’s Day Cocktails

I was lucky enough to be sent a new electric blue limited edition bottle of Absolut just in time to rustle up some nifty Valentine’s Day cocktails – and what better way to celebrate than with a duo of chic, red-tinted drinks? Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Ice-cream Bites

This Valentine’s Day, I decided to make a sweet treat for my husband and I based on one of those cool recipe gifs that’s going around – namely this one: http://imgur.com/gallery/cuC8oxf.

Instead of making a boring bunch of squares, though, I decided to create some heart shapes, using a silicone mould! And, even better, I was contacted by Haagen-Dazs to see if I’d like some vouchers for their new strawberry cheesecake flavour ice-cream. It was like the heavens parted to shine the light of free ice-cream upon my head…


Here’s how you make them!

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