Valentine’s Day Cocktails

I was lucky enough to be sent a new electric blue limited edition bottle of Absolut just in time to rustle up some nifty Valentine’s Day cocktails – and what better way to celebrate than with a duo of chic, red-tinted drinks? 

Check out this beautiful blue bottle – it also comes in a cool silver colour too, and you can purchase it via Selfridges here. (Find out more about the range at the official site here.)

EDIT – You can now also purchase the bottles for £18.55 from supermarkets nationwide!

Anyway, onto the cocktails! I much prefer simple recipes when it comes to mixing drinks – there’s nothing worse than having to buy a load of weird liqueurs you’ll never use again. These are really easy (and delicious!) and all you need to make them is a cocktail mixer  (I got mine from John Lewis) and some ice.

The first one is Absolut A/W ’10 (you can find the recipes for these on Absolut’s website, they have a great library where you can search by ingredient, glass type, colour, etc). Mix three parts Absolut vodka with two parts raspberry purée and a dash of simple syrup in your mixer with ice and strain. (To make raspberry purée I took a 325g bag of frozen raspberries and added 1/4 cup sugar, left overnight and then crushed through a strainer.) This is so fruity and delicious – and you can use the leftover puree for desserts or making mocktails!

The second is Devil’s Torch (I LOVE this one, so sweet and packs a real punch!). Mix two parts Absolut vodka with one part dry vermouth and one part grenadine with ice, then strain into your glass – and enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s Day – hope you all had a good one!

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