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I’ve been on Flickr for a couple of years now, and you can check out my photostream at http://www.flickr.com/photos/bentobusiness. One of the things I like about having a Pro account is finding out which are the most popular photos, because they’re certainly not ones I would have thought would be the most popular, especially considering I don’t really rate them as photos.

At number three, we have Frugal Potato Soup:

I kinda get this one, I guess people are always trying to save money and it’s not a bad photo all round, and it also has a pretty handy recipe listed… but why it’s more popular than other recipes I don’t know. I feel like labelling all my other recipes with ‘frugal’ just to see what happens!

At number two, we have Christmas bento:

The appeal of the Christmas bento is obvious – everyone likes bright, colourful Christmassy things. I’m still disappointed that this didn’t come out completely the way I wanted it, especially the crappy ham and cheese stars, but there you go. I bought the wooden tree decorations in the shot especially for this photo, but they’re brilliant and I totally love them. Good purchase, me!

And, at number one, my most viewed photo EVAR, it’s: Chinese spring rolls

Ugh, how embarrassing. But, the most popular in my photostream. I must admit, this has the absolute best, kick ass recipe for spring rolls you will ever eat. My mum can’t even eat spring rolls from the takeaway any more, because in comparison, all spring rolls suck. Yes, this recipe is that good that I’m totally unafraid to boast shamelessly about it. And, the credit isn’t totally mine, because they were adapted from a recipe I got on an Asian food course at a local college, so it’s not even boasting. At the time of writing, the photo’s had nearly 6500 views, and let’s face it, no one’s checking it out for the photography… I totally hope people are actually making this recipe, because, as I may have mentioned, it fricking rocks.

One thought on “Popular Photos

  1. Tammy Anderson says:

    Many years ago, I thought of starting a business creating something very similar for pre-school kids/children in the day care setting. Offering nutritious lunches, delivered at an affordable price. Is there any statistics or small businesses that offer such a thing here in the states commercially……?


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