Where you been, DG?

You might have noticed I’ve been missing for a good few months. If you’ve missed me, God bless you! The sad truth is… I’ve been on a diet! I’ve been focusing my energies on a very special day to take place next year – my wedding! I plan to blog every now and then, and maybe one day I’ll be able to show my low-cal creations off with pride, but for now, especially in these cold winter months, it’s all I can do to count the calories, do my job, plan for my wedding, and do lots and lots of exercise!

On the plus side, I have lost 11lbs since the beginning of November, and I’ve also managed to lose 2lbs over the Christmas holidays. Now, if that doesn’t deserve a round of applause, I guess I’ll have to do something drastic!

In other news, I’m plotting the decoration of my own wedding cake using the fondant flower cutters from my birthday cakes. Now, I could be being overly ambitious here, but it seems to me that it’s going to be a total cinch! Could I be more wrong? Find out after the big day! Ha!

7 thoughts on “Where you been, DG?

  1. eilismaura says:

    Welcome back!


    Be careful with the working out/working/dieting — with a wedding to plan you will have lots of stress – working out/dieting should support your efforts!!!!

    Best of luck moving forward!


    • distractedgourmet says:

      Thanks very much! And to be honest, I’m enjoying the exercise and dieting – I haven’t felt so good in ages and it’s really nice to see how my efforts are paying off. It’s a lot more rewarding than some things I could mention! And it’s actually helping with stress too, thank goodness…


  2. thelinencat says:

    Good for you! I started running before my Wedding which I really enjoyed and used to be rather slim, even before the running. After 2 children I still haven’t lost the weight I put on (2 stone) but my youngest starts pre-school next week and I plan to start running again, I am quite excited about getting fit and having some of my figure back.

    It’s really nice when it all starts to come together and 11 lbs is fantastic, I hope it continues to go well for you.

    All the best, Beth


  3. Helen says:

    Good luck with the diet and the wedding! I did both last year and the day was really great. 🙂

    Now that it’s the new year I’m planning to use bento to help me shift some honeymoon weight. I think the restricted size and the emphasis on variety should help me feel full without eating too much.

    I’m enjoying looking through your blog for food ideas. The photos are lovely! Where’d you get the animal crossing lunchbox?


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