I don’t need to be taken seriously…

…when I have such an awesome bike basket…

That’s right, folks – I pimped my basket with a garland of fake roses that I picked up on eBay. It’s not exactly the best way to prove yourself as a serious cyclist, but frankly, I don’t care. Maybe I’ll make someone happy with my silly flowers – who knows?

4 thoughts on “I don’t need to be taken seriously…

  1. Georgie Ormrod says:

    They are a pair of cuties – bicycle and cat. I’ve yet to put my cats in my basket and see what they do. Hellooo to a fellow British lycra free cycling lass 🙂 Looking fwd to reading more from you. I’ve just started a blog this week after years of reading cycling blogs, I’m hoping to try and inspire lassies in my bit of the world to join me, like where I live, it’s a bit of an uphill struggle.


  2. distractedgourmet says:

    Aww, thanks! She has a tendency to jump in all my photos at the moment! She does enjoy sitting on my exercise bike, but she’s not very keen on my Trek – it’s a bit wobbly on the stand when she jumps on it.

    Thank you for leaving a comment, hope to hear more from you! Let me know where your blog’s at! When you say ‘uphill struggle’, is that a metaphor or just a description of the terrain?! It’s pretty hilly where I live, which is always a bit of a mental barrier to getting going!


  3. Georgie Ormrod says:

    Hehe my cats also love sitting on my exbike. One of them enjoys chasing his tail whilst perched on the saddle. Hilarious, unless its 4am! Neither have braved sitting on my proper bikes yet.

    Glad you got out on the Sky Ride 🙂 I enjoyed the one in Manchester last year & will probably go again this year. Couldn’t believed just how busy it was.

    I live in The Pennines, so we have crazy steep hills here (in fact I cant actually get anywhere without hitting some hills). & yes they are a huge mental barrier, but I think you just drop down low, go slow and you get there eventually with a great sense of achievement & sometimes some amazing views http://twitpic.com/5hbsn0

    Here’s where I’m posting, need to get going with it, but I’m busy prepping for a job interview this week so that’s taking priority.


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