Things to do in autumn / fall

Now, this isn’t so much related to cycling, but I thought I’d post it here nevertheless – and it’s also being posted on my food blog, Distracted Gourmet (check it out if you haven’t already!).

Autumn is my favourite of all the seasons – and I love all of them already! But there’s so much great stuff you can do in autumn that I can’t help but love it. In order to help me get the maximum out of the season, I’ve created a check list for myself. I’ll be heading back every now and then to check my progress, too!

New Forest Autumn 3

The beautiful autumn colours of New Forest - by stevestreet

Autumn to do list

  • Have Halloween party
  • Have Thanksgiving dinner
  • Make pinecone decorations
  • Make a leaf wreath
  • Make jam
  • Walk through the leaves
  • Gather chestnuts
  • Make Christmas pudding
  • Celebrate Bonfire Night
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Cycle down a hill with my scarf flying behind me
  • Make the best hot chocolate
  • Make pickles

What’s on your to-do list this autumn?

2 thoughts on “Things to do in autumn / fall

  1. Georgie Ormrod says:

    Visiting lots of woods that I go to in spring and summer to check out how beautiful they look at this time of year.

    I live near Pendle Hill, which was the home of the Pendle Witches. Riding there is tough going, but rewarding. Doing a Halloween ride there would be fantastic.

    And of course an autumn bike date picnic is on the cards – flask of coffee and some lovely toasted butties 😀


    • distractedgourmet says:

      Yeah, that sounds amazing! Near me in the New Forest is a village called Burley which is full of witchy stuff, I’ll have to cycle around there near Halloween if I can! I know what you mean about hills. When I become ruler of the world I’m going to bulldoze the lot of them. Future generations will thank me.


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