Second verse, same as the first… But a bit more in tune (Day 2 on Six Weeks to OMG)

Today was more like yesterday should have been, although I still tweaked a bit and am definitely not ‘going by the book’. So, here’s how it went:

Woke up, did 45 minutes of movement (stepping), followed by black coffee, and a cold bath. I didn’t sit back, or go the full 15 minutes – it’s just too hideous to contemplate, even when I’m hot and sweaty from stepping.

I waited about two hours before eating my breakfast, but for scheduling reasons I couldn’t leave it any longer than that. I had the same as yesterday, and was definitely hungry by lunch. This time I had three eggs in the omelette instead of two, and my ‘lunch’ ended up finishing about half four! I obeyed the half hour hunt, half hour wait idea – but I wonder how still you need to be for the ‘wait’ part – I usually end up making my meal during this time, so I’m not really doing nothing…

Anyway, I had a belly dancing class at 6.30, for an hour, so I waited a corresponding hour before eating dinner at 8.30. Same as yesterday, except I had more chicken, and swapped out the cucumber for courgette. So, not really falling on the ‘eat the rainbow’ idea of crop rotation in the book, but it’s very hard to buy a large variety of proteins and veggies without it getting expensive and wasteful. Luckily, I have an organic veg box on Fridays, so there will be new stuff tomorrow (but oh, so much more fruit than I can ever eat!).

Someone’s made a very interesting point on the official forum – when are you actually supposed to shower on this plan? Working from home, it’s just me for most of the day, so I can get my shower in in the evening, but I certainly can’t see how you can fit in a shower in the morning, and a cold bath, as you need to wait a few hours after having a cold bath or you might faint. Even then, you still need to do another 45 mins of exercise throughout the day, and unless you’re only walking, you’ll be working up a sweat then, too. Maybe you’re supposed to shower before you have a bath, but of course, then you’ll need to shower, then wait for the bath to run, then hop in. The whole thing is incredibly time-consuming and doesn’t fit well into any normal schedule at all.

Anyway, today my calorie mark was 1183, calories burned was 618, leaving me with a scarily low net of 565. My carbs were 61g for the whole day, hooray! Much better than yesterday.

If I don’t lose weight by doing that every day, I would imagine there’s something seriously wrong somewhere – but yet again, I wonder how much would be down to balloon blowing (easily the best part of the whole thing), cold baths and hunting and waiting, and how much would be down to huge amounts of exercise and carb restriction. I GUESS WE WILL FIND OUT, EH?

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