A week in… One lb down, but many slip-ups! Six Weeks to OMG

I can’t start this post off by saying ‘so, a week in to Six Weeks to OMG’, because I’ve found myself adapting the plan quite a lot, in all honesty. The cold baths are a thing of the past. I cannot bring myself to carry on doing them, and unless someone can actually prove they really do aid weightloss in a proper trial, I don’t think I’ll be bothering. I chalk it up as one of those extreme fitness tips that can only make you miserable in the short term, like wheatgrass shots (BLEGH). Really, you have to evaluate for yourself each individual aspect of the plan – and Fulton says himself you can pick what you like from his ideas – and decide whether you think they’re worth the effort.

Another thing that’s a thing of the past is skipping breakfast. I can’t do that, either. I like eating breakfast, and I have plenty of time to do it, so why not?

I am keeping up low carbs, plenty of exercise before meals, where possible, and balloon blowing. Oh, and lots of coffee and tea, but that’s par for the course.

I had a great weekend, though – which is code for ‘I slipped up’. My plan was to have a low carb Chinese takeaway (chicken in black bean sauce), but I also ate a bag of prawn crackers, and half a tub of ice cream. Then on Sunday, I ate a great deal of popcorn, and a cup of rice, along with some Cajun salmon. Amazingly, despite this, I managed to lose 1lb at least so far (I didn’t weigh myself at the very start – too scared!).

My low-carb food requirements have led to me checking out some of the Atkins snack range, including the Indulgence bars (coconut and caramel and peanut…or something like that!), and the chocolate shake. All of them are fine, but very over priced. They seem to have cornered the market, though – there are literally no other sweet snack foods that are low carbs. Most health food snacks are loaded with them, because they’re cereal based. That’s a bummer. You can buy them online at a reduced price if you hunt around, though – Amazon seems like the best place.

Anyone else following this plan with any progress to report?

2 thoughts on “A week in… One lb down, but many slip-ups! Six Weeks to OMG

  1. Arie Rich/KMP Blog says:

    I am too following the plan. I’m currently on week 4 and it has been somewhat hard, but doable. The cold showers were a bit of a challenge at first, but being that it is summer and it’s very hot during the day as is, I welcome these cold showers to keep cool. I usually start a bit warm, then gradually decrease it until it gets cold enough for me to handle. After a while your body adjusts and you don’t feel the cold water anymore.
    I was an avid breakfast eater. I would have breakfast at home and then again at work, breakfast was a must for me. But after stopping the breakfast in the morning and drinking only black coffee til late breakfast or lunch time, I realized that my breakfast eating in the morning were only but a bad habit; i didn’t need breakfast, I wasn’t going to pass out like I thought I would. It was all in my head. The black coffee helps curb my appetite and by 11am I would have my first meal, which would be some breakfast meal or light lunch like a sandwich.
    I have lost close to 5-6lbs and I have noticed my stomach is much flatter. I do workout 3-4 a day, so that helps keep my body in shape. I am really enojoying this plan, because I don’t feel like I’m being force to change much. I still eat what I want (in moderation). I do have my weak days, but I don’t overinduldge.
    I feel you have to make the OMG or any other diet work for you. Do what works best for you.


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