Six Weeks to OMG: Abandoned!

Yes, I gave up.

To be honest, my main reasons for starting this diet was to see whether it was as damaging as it appears. I do like to give people a fair chance, and even though the book is full of rhetoric that I don’t agree with, about being in competition with your friends, feeling good based only on your appearance, and the like, I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt. For the record, I certainly don’t agree that you should ever indulge in these ideas, even if some of us do actually think this way from time to time. It’s not healthy, and it’s the way that eating disorders are created.

Even as an ‘experiment’, I found it difficult to keep up. It seems to me that the way the diet will actually make you lose weight is through extreme exercise and low calories. I already know how to do a modified version of this, and any more just seems excessive to me.

I’m not going to condemn the plan, because I believe you should make up your own minds about it, but I certainly won’t be using many of the tips in my everyday life. As a short term experiment, it was fun for a while. As a way of life, it’s a surefire recipe for misery…

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