Pitcairn Honey: A Review

I’ve been fascinated by Pitcairn honey for a while. I have no idea how I first heard about it, but once I had, I was hooked on the concept. This honey is produced in very small quantities, and is one of the rarest honeys in all the world. It’s only produced on Pitcairn Island, which is where the survivors of the mutiny on the Bounty now live. Now, to me, that’s amazing. This tropical island, near New Zealand, received a grant from the UK government in 1998 in order to fund beekeeping on the island, and I think it was money well spent! Untitled
This honey is pretty hard to get hold of. You can order it directly from the island, but the shipping is expensive, and it takes a long while to turn up. I’m the only person who eats honey around here, so the idea of bulk buying honey from a tropical island seemed a bit insane, even by my standards, so I’d pretty much given up on getting any – until I found a pot in Fortnum & Mason last year! My lovely friend Lorraine bought me a pot for my birthday – and it was pretty steep, at £10.95. For novelty value (and because I wasn’t buying it…!) I thought it was a good deal – and then I tasted it.

My goodness.

This is the best honey I’ve ever had in my life.

I’m not a honey expert, but I do love eating it. My favourite kind of honey is the set type, on toast, but I love runny honey on yogurt, as a sweetener – I even love honeycomb. I’ve tried manuka honey, local honey, lavender honey – I’m a fan of honey, let’s just say that. But this honey is like honey made by the gods. It’s got a very weird texture – it’s grainy, and neither very clear, not set – and I think by the time it’s arrived in the UK, it’s slightly fermented as well, but the taste of it is just amazing. There’s a definite tang of tropical paradise in there – you can really taste the blossom of the island’s mango, guava and passion-flower trees. I even love the strange texture – it’s especially good on hot toast! To be honest, I’d never tasted a honey before with such a distinctive taste and personality – there’s no way I’ll ever forget the taste of Pitcairn honey. It’s a shame it’s so expensive, but then again, I’d happily pay £10.95 again for such a gorgeous product! Untitled

2 thoughts on “Pitcairn Honey: A Review

  1. Parrish S. Knight says:

    I first discovered Pitcairn Honey some five or six years ago, having stumbled across it while browsing Wikipedia reading about unusual islands around the world (a weird interest of mine). Intrigued, I ordered a couple of jars, then they didn’t show up… when the parcel finally arrived, ten months later, I had forgotten I even placed the order. I fell in love with the stuff, just as you and others have. I’ve been having a lot of fun introducing other people to the honey and have set up a little sideline reselling it at a slight markup for those who are willing to pay a little extra to avoid the wait. It’ll never be a big deal, of course (maybe a few hundred dollars a year or so), but it’s a lot of fun. 🙂


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