FFF’s Foodie Guide to Cornwall: Chapel Porth Beach Cafe

The second part of my foodie guide to Cornwall is about one of my husband’s favourite childhood memories, which he was nice enough to share with me for the first time this year – ice cream hedgehogs from the Chapel Porth Beach Cafe!


Honestly, he had been going on about these ice creams for years – YEARS! – so we naturally made it one of our first stops during our holiday!


Sounds blimming good, right? And the rest of the menu was pretty amazing too!


Did the truth live up to the hype?

IMG_3816I’m just going to leave this here….

Of course, part of the enjoyment came from the beautiful surroundings:




Swallows Tee, People Tree / Sunglasses, French Connection / Jeans, Gap / Binocular Case Bag, Primark / Trainers, Converse

That ice cream was definitely needed as energy to get up the hills…


It’s not food, it’s fuel… Honest…

Check out Chapel Porth Beach Cafe on Facebook! Or, better yet, visit them in person and have an ice cream! The address is Chapel Porth, St Agnes, TR5 0NS.

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