It bags: then and now

Stuck on deadline last week, I spent most of my spare seconds thinking about designer bags…

I daren’t speak for all women, but I think it’s fair to say that most fashionistas have at least a few dream bags in their sights that they’d kill to own one day – even if it’s a far off fantasy. For some reason, I started thinking about the bags I used to lust after when I was younger, versus the sort of bags I really love now. It’s not surprising that my taste has changed after all these years!

IT bags
Looking at my list of hallowed It Bags from my youth (well, if eight years ago can really be considered that long ago – I’ve certainly come a long way since!), it seems as though I only really started lusting after designer bags around 2006, which is when the Chloe Paddington reigned supreme and the Fendi B Bag was just launched. I actually ended up buying a Paddington which turned out to be a fake (I’m fairly sure it’s fake but I’ve never authenticated it – if something seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t – although it wasn’t that cheap to start with!). I just absolutely loved the padlock closure and the thick chunky leather look of the bag, although I never could decide whether I liked the brown better than the black… The Dior Saddle bag is pretty timeless, although I couldn’t find a good picture of the sort I lusted after, which was the gaucho style distressed version, coated in charms. Designed by John Galliano, the bag certainly isn’t as timeless as it was thought to be at the height of its fame, around 2007, although I’d still make room for it in my collection! The same goes for the Fendi B Bag, which was pretty polarising when it debuted. But I still have a massive soft spot for it, with its huge oversized buckles! Some colourways, such as the one above, really don’t do it for me, as I think the design works better when it’s allowed to speak for itself. Subtle one colour designs really work for the B Bag. Since then, it’s been eclipsed somewhat by the Fendi Spy – not sure why, but I’ve never really fallen in love with that one!Compared to my mid-2000s style, my current style is a lot simpler. It’s certainly evolved into (I like to think, anyway) a more sophisticated and classic look – but I think that’s fairly indicative of the way high fashion is going. I absolutely love Mulberry’s now retired Polly Push Lock bag in midnight and brown leather – the combination of the two is refreshing yet classic, and I love the simple lines of the satchel style bag. I’ll always love a good satchel! My new found love of Mulberry also shows in my selection of the Lily – in particular, this beautiful emerald green colour in micrograin calf skin. The adjustable length of the strap, which can be doubled to make it sorter, or left longer, makes it a versatile bag, and there’s just something about the contrast between the gold furniture and the rich green that makes this combination lustworthy to me! And finally, that old classic, the Chanel 2.55. I used to be the type of girl who couldn’t understand all the fuss over this quilted beauty – to me it seemed old fashioned and a bit twee. But maybe it’s through repeat exposure, maybe it’s just my natural style evolution, but this is one designer bag I would certainly love to own one day – although it seems highly unlikely considering that they sell for £2.5k new at the moment, and not much less second-hand! I guess I’ll have to make do with my Jaeger Kate bag until then…

Do you have a wish-list of It Bags? Has your taste changed over the years? I’d love to know what bags you lust over now, and how you think your style has evolved!

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5 thoughts on “It bags: then and now

  1. Sophie says:

    Dear FFF,
    Thanks for your nice post as always…
    As a French girl, now 37, I debuted with Longchamp bags : leather ones in the “roseau” (reed in English) Line and more recentely a Gatsby one , or “pliages” ….like Kate 😉 … In many colours, shapes, sizes… I also like Darel bags very much…I own both a black 24h one and a straw one – also adorned by O. Palermo!!
    But as my interest in Kate grew , I have now discovered Mulberry…of course I knew bef. The Alexa satchel but I love eagerly the Polly plush which to my dismay is discontinued…I have bought a belt instead with the loved lock…
    Otherwise, as you do, I like the 2.55 very much along with Chloé paraty and Hermès bags…
    I intend to buy a Gucci disco soho bag … If I manage to save enough money instead of buying lk bennett shoes or anything related to Kate… Lol!
    Would you recommend a M.’s Lily instead? I thought you had troubles with the chain?
    Kind regards,
    Ps- I almost forgot I bought the natalie clutch in tan and recentely a Wilbur and Gussie Charlie orange raw Silk clutch… As an English teacher and a former Bristolian I like the fact that I modestly contribute with my fashion choices to the flourishing British economy…


    • Food, Fash, Fit says:

      Got to love the Natalie clutche – and definitely the Wilbur & Gussie range! (I now have three!)

      I am definitely hugely in love with Mulberry in general – I adore the new Primrose bags, but they’re over £1000 each, so I’m setting my sights a little lower!

      Regarding the Lily, I definitely do recommend them as they are simple yet chic little bags, and much more spacious than they appear. The chain problem was actually something that went wrong with my Jaeger Kate bags – I own two (both black – one patent, one plain) and sometimes the chains get tangled with is SO ANNOYING. I sent one back but there doesn’t seem to be anything they can do, as the replacement has the same problem. Maybe that’s why Kate was seen with hers as a clutch – although in reality, if you tucked the chain inside I really don’t think you’d have much space for anything else…


  2. Sophie says:

    Yes I also wanted to ad the Primrose ones which I love…( would rather have a Polly plush but they really seem at Mulberry not wanting to reissue them…sniff) … Did you get the W&G Edith red net with the elephant brooch? I liked this one much but it looks big…
    Thanks for your piece of advice regarding the Lily… The only pbm is the price… 350€ more than the Gucci one 😦


    • Food, Fash, Fit says:

      I’ve got the Wilbur & Gussie Charlie clutch in gold and raw navy silk (with a ship on the clasp) and Coco in black velvet (with an elephant clasp: The Edith is just the larger version of the Charlie – the Charlie isn’t that big but I don’t know if the Edith would be toooo big. (You can also buy some on sale from The Outnet! No Ediths though…).
      The Lily is indeed expensive… Bit too much for my taste, I’d have to buy it on sale! There are some good sites for preloved designer bags which might be an option, though! I can’t personally vouch for them as I’ve not used any, but they’re easy to search out. But the Gucci bag you posted is really nice, and if you like it and it’s cheaper than the Lily, I’d go for that one if I were you! Or, you can do what I do, and save up your money until you nearly have enough, and then change your mind and spend it on something else completely! 😉


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