Bag ‘n’ Shoes: Modalu St Ives Grab Bag in Orange and Dune Imperia D Wedges in Natural


I’ve got a real thing going on here for Modalu. I apologise, but it seems as though I’ve turned into a fan girl over night. (I blame Tatiana for everything…) But check out this gorgeous lock detail and tell me you don’t feel the same way?

The St Ives Grab Bag is a little cheaper than the rest of Modalu’s range because it’s fabric rather than leather – but it matched so well to my Dune wedges I had to snap it up! Plus, I purchased it from Very with a discount code, which made it feel like it was on sale!

The bag also comes with a shoulder strap as well as handles, which means, like my Pippa bag, it’s versatile and easy to carry. (Plus, mega bonus, holds an iPad – Modalu’s website is super helpful for letting you know whether the bag is large enough to hold one!)

Like a lot of Kate-fans, I was impatient to purchase the famous Imperia D wedges in natural from Pied A Terre. They’ve been pictured on the Duchess’ feet several times, but were only recently made available. Interestingly, as Pied a Terre now comes under the Dune group, Dune offers exactly the same shoe in their branding as well as a Pied A Terre version. I purchased the Dune version as it was the only one available at the time, so I thought I’d do a side by side comparison for the original Imperia Ds in black from Pied A Terre to the natural Imperia Ds from Dune:



As you can see, the Dune version is the same shoe, but with different internal branding. And the price is the same as well!

I have a definite fondness for the Imperia Ds, but the colour doesn’t match as well as I’d hoped with most of my collection – bright bold colours are the best, so I’ll definitely pair this with my red Accessorize satchel, my emerald Mulberry Lily, and my Modalu Twiggy in berry!





You can find the Modalu St Ives Grab Bag online here, and the Dune Imperia Ds in natural here.

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