DIY Pimm’s

Did you know you could make your own Pimm’s? Well, my friend Charlie does, because that’s exactly what he did when he came over last weekend for a pizza party!

All it takes is a well stocked bar (disclaimer – all this had to be shipped in because I have a bottle of Korean green plum liqueur and some Glogg from Christmas 2010, and that’s about it…) and some maths on an envelope…

Plus, trashing my lovely table display.

Basically, this is just a gin-based cocktail with lemonade added – but it tastes like Pimm’s… Actually, better than Pimm’s! You combine 100ml of sherry or port, 200ml of vermouth, 284ml of gin and 100ml of Cointreau to create the base mix.

Then you add your garnishes – mint, apple, orange, strawberry, cucumber and so on… And ICE, lots of ice!

Then, you add it to lemonade in a one part to four part mix. Now, it’s time to have a little English garden party. Remember: sunscreen, hydration, comments about the weather (especially predicting that this will be the only sunny day in the entire year), hide unpleasant food in plant pots, compliment the host, and maybe play some croquet.




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