A/W 14 approaches: ankle boot time!

It’s fast approaching my favourite season of the year: autumn! Although we’re still deep in summer, the recent thunderstorms here have turned my mind to wet-weather footgear, and first on my shopping list for the new season is definitely ankle boots!

Ankle Boots

My favourite shoe brand, French Sole, recently debuted these gorgeous ankle boots (top right), which kicked me off on an ankle boot tour. Next has a fantastic range of ankle boots on their site thanks to their collaboration with some great brands, but don’t forget to check out their own label too. These sludge boots are updated versions of a pair I wore all last year, so I can definitely recommend them. Meanwhile, I totally love the suede and buckle detail on these Bertie boots (also available in tan, from Dune here). Although grey seems like a hard colour to match, some of my favourite accessories are grey, so I included these gorgeous grey suede boots from Ash (also available in tan too, from Next). Finally, the buckle motif returns with these cool Hudson boots (also from Next, also available in tan).

Are you shopping for boots for the autumn? What do you look for in a boot?

(Next on my shopping list this year… wellies!)

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