SummerDine at West Quay: The Safari Supper Club!

Recently, I was lucky enough to have my diet derailed by some delicious food at WestQuay! The shopping centre recently launched its SummerDine promotion (see here) and was keen to show off its restaurants to a group of bloggers – including me.

First of all, we visited Yo! Sushi – one of my favourites in the centre, and a great place to get a quick bite to eat. It has such a great, buzzy vibe thanks to its situation in the heart of the action – and also, due to the conveyor belts which whizz new dishes around to the diners throughout your meal! I heartily recommend the katsu curry dish, which comes with rice, as a cheap and quick lunch here, but today we had sushi!

If you’re scared of raw fish (although, the sushi in the name actually refers to seasoned rice, not the raw fish itself – you can have fried chicken sushi rolls which are awesome!), then try the chicken gyozas! They are incredibly delicious and come with a fantastic dipping sauce.

The idea behind the Safari Supper Club was that we’d dine in one restaurant for starters, then move to others for mains and pudding. The second stop was Handmade Burger Co., which was great as I’d always wanted to go there but somehow never made it across. Seriously, there are so many places to go to in the centre that you’ll always have ‘the one that got away’ unless you’re careful…

The menu was massive, and there was loads to choose from – the other girls and I took ages trying to decide what to have! The choices ranged from sliders to chicken and avocado burgers, whilst I plumped for a traditional choice of American Cheese on a brioche bun, to see how good their burgers really were.

But first, get a load of these beauties – sweet potato French fries are THE BEST.

I can report the burger was juicy and delicious – they don’t cook them pink for safety reasons, but each patty is made to order, meaning that if you want to take any of the ingredients or seasonings out of the burger mix, you can request it – which I thought was awesome! I also liked the fact that it was relatively quiet – elevated from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the eateries, it’s definitely a great place to recharge your batteries during a mammoth shopping session!

The final stop was another old favourite of mine, although I have to confess, I’ve never actually managed to make it to dessert here! With pancakes, sundaes and waffles to choose from, it’s no wonder I never had enough room before. Ed’s Easy Diner is a great chain – I actually went there years ago for the first time in London, specifically to try out their famous shakes!

(Peanut butter and Baileys (although not together) are sublime…)

Anyway, onto the desserts! Gorgeous fluffy pancakes, cakey waffles drizzled in syrup – don’t they look amazing? I had a Kit Kat sundae and it was glorious, although far too much for me to handle alone! These are truly decadent portions, and it’s worth popping in for these alone. Take advantage of their bottomless coffee and grab a fork and a friend, I say!

Afterwards, we all had goodie bags to take home from Hotel Chocolat – and I can’t wait to try out the cocoa ketchup for my next BBQ (please, sunshine?). I’m totally intrigued by the entire savoury range at Hotel Chocolat, so I expect I’ll be back and browsing the shelves again in no time!

Visit my fellow bloggers’ sites at,,, and! They were all really lovely and friendly, and it was great to meet some fellow Southampton bloggers!

Check out West Quay’s site at, and the Summerdine page here.

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