Let’s play Halloween dress-up: high/low fashion picks

October is my favourite month of the year – the start of autumn, time for cosy coats, toffee apples, crunchy leaves, Halloween, and, of course, my birthday! This year, I’ve been looking at loads of cool items on the market for celebrating Halloween (as it’s on a Saturday again, whoooooo). I found two gorgeous pairs of spider-inspired shoes – can you guess which ones cost £575 and which cost £45?

Halloween dress up

If you guessed that the ones on the right were the £575 ones, you must be a witch and we’ll have to burn you at the stake! These are the Lotte style from Charlotte Olympia (and, for some reason, completely sold out…). Luckily, I found this ASOS pair I like even more, and they’re available in all sizes for a much friendlier £45.

What are you planning for this year’s celebrations?

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