Sales, Sales, Sales

Sales 2015


I can’t be the only one who found myself a little sale-weary when it came to the traditional Christmas discounts. Firstly, since the invasion of Black Friday thanks to Amazon in the UK, I feel as though we’ve been subjected to over a month’s worth of sales and discounts already. Secondly, so many retailers are jumping on the bandwagon early before Christmas Day is even here, meaning that there’s no set start to sales any more – it seems to come in dribs and drabs. There’s no way to plan or budget or comparison shop, because reductions are scattered all over the place!

This year, my main sales purchases were limited to just a few retailers, Zara, Mulberry and Hush. As you can see, I’ve played it pretty safe with the majority of the items I’ve bought – over this past year I’ve developed a fondness for baggy shirts with skinny jeans, so I picked up a few more at Zara, as well as a gorgeous military style navy cape (I now have seven or eight capes and every time I buy a new one, I tell myself I don’t need any more… until the next one comes along!) and an embellished jumper. At Hush, I purchased a couple of drop-waist dresses to wear over black tights, because in all honesty, you can’t beat Hush for dressed-down chic dresses that are comfy as well as fashionable.

My most exciting purchase was completely spur of the moment, and will involve a lot of sighing over credit card bills, I’m sure – but I’ve been after a red coloured Mulberry bag for a while, so when I saw this medium Lily on sale, I had to snap it up…


There’s nothing like a cheery red bag to brighten up a winter outfit! So tell me, what did you purchase in the sales this year?

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