Beulah Sample Sale

Last week I was in London for work at the same time as the Beulah London sample sale started! I’d never been to the Beulah store so I decided to take an hour out for lunch to pop along to visit. Here’s a spoiler:

The store is situated along Ebury Street – there’s not a lot to draw you here usually but it’s worth a visit thanks to the gorgeous Peggy Porschen cupcake shop just up the road, or the Jenny Packham accessories boutique around the corner!

Inside the shop, the clothing was arranged in to prices and sales, with some items costing just £100 – there were also some Tabitha Webb items for sale as well, as the shop for this brand around the corner was closed.

I was only really after one thing, though, so after a quick browse I picked up my special purchase and headed to the aforementioned Peggy Porschen shop for a cup of English breakfast tea (more on that visit in a later post!)

What was inside this unassuming pink carrier bag? Why, a gorgeous signature Shibani scarf, which I thought would be absolutely perfect as a Valentine’s Day accessory! The scarf was priced at £60 instead of the usual £90.

I would definitely recommend a visit to the area if you’re up for a browse – Ebury Street is gorgeous, and you just have to step into Peggy’s for tea and a cake! It’s just a short walk from Victoria Station, after all…


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